Are You Wearing the Glove Online?

How well are you protecting yourself online? Many people are all connected via various social media platforms in today’s online network. Little do they know that there are large amounts of personal data and personal information that is being tracked, monitored, and traced. Not only is the data being traced virtually anyone online can see your personal information. This is the reason why it is important to ensure you protect yourself and properly setup your personal privacy settings. Facebook Privacy Settings will be reviewed.

Settings in Facebook
Find the Security Setting Tabs

There are 3 main sections in the Facebook that you can control in terms of privacy settings to ensure that you have the best practices for protecting yourselves. The first section is the general account privacy where you can control who can contact you, search you, and view your information. In this section it is important to know who you want to interact with and which people you want to allow access to contacting you. In the diagram below the general account privacy will show where you can change who can see your posts, who can send friend requests, and who can search you up. It is ideal to keep in mind that the default settings means that essentially anyone and anything can search, see, and track all your personal information. As a first time user of the privacy settings you want to tailor the settings to protect yourself. Keep in mind that you will want to change the setting for search engines outside of Facebook to link to your profile. This is the easiest way for someone to find you. Simply doing a google search of your name will populate results that link to your Facebook timeline, you will want to limit this access.

Privacy Tab

Next, modify the sections for who can search you up using your email address or phone number. These 2 are slightly different as email addresses are shared a lot more so you may want to be more strict on the email restrictions. Email addresses are shared everywhere from online purchases to account setups on various websites, it is safer to block out some potential marketers from being able to find your account. Phone numbers on the other hand are slightly safer as you do not give your phone number out as much however, the same concept applies as with the emails. You still have to enter phone numbers in the account setups which may cause marketers to be able to search you. At the very least, both these settings should be set to “Friends of friends”. At least there has to be a mutual friend between the 2 of you and acts as a screening process assuming that you are okay with sharing your phone number with the friends on Facebook. This is shown in the section below.

Prevent search engines from linking to Profile
Limiting access to Friends of Friends only

The next subcategory to take into consideration is the Timeline and tagging abilities of the online atmosphere. The amount subsection in this category of security and privacy is who can add things to your timeline as well as who can see your timeline. Especially with all these spams, ads, and even applications linking to your Facebook it is best to limit the abilities for people to post and see your timeline. Both are very similar in that you would not want anybody online to be able to post on your timeline or be able to see it which will contain personal information. At the very least to protect yourselves, it is recommended that you only let your friends post and see your timeline, you can even customize it so that only certain people can do each if you want extra layer of security.

Limit who can see and post on your Timeline

The final subcategory is blocking, this is a very useful too in screening out any specific names you will want to block out if they are harming or harassing you in anyway. Even if it is just as simple as not wanting to share anything with them this security feature will take care of that. You may block users in general or block them from messages only. This will help screen out people that may also pose a threat to you or are spamming you. Another subsection of this category is blocking app invites and event invites, these are more for just screening out spam from other users and applications. Many people may have friends that promote many events and always invite you to play games/download applications. These functions will be able to block them from doing so, it will save you the trouble to delete the invite or have to decline it.

Manage Blocking

These steps to managing your profile on Facebook will contribute to protecting yourselves online and limiting the amount of information that may be shared. Although you may still be tracked, this will limit the abilities of the trackers. Remember always protect yourselves online and WEAR THE GLOVE ONLINE!