You mean to tell me…

Skeptical Baby

The Skeptical Baby meme has been around for several years. It is a very interesting meme that has garnered much attention all around the internet. This mean is a type of Advice Animal meme and is a macro of a previous larger photo with the babies’ father holding him. The original owner is Jarod Knoten who is a Redditor and he posted on his blog an album of their visit to a museum. The photo originated in North Carolina and because of Reddit it was able to garner much attention online. Many people have remixed this meme and used it in their own way while this meme had become famous on Reddit it is also shared across the internet. The background behind this meme is that it pokes fun at the fact the kids more specifically babies know more than we think. One of the original memes was “You mean to tell me…you didn’t really steal my nose?” This meme was aiming at the Hokey Pokey is not what it is all about, instead it pokes fun at it and says that he knows what is going on. The meme has commonly started with “you mean to tell me…” and this is sort of a rhetorical question so has a sense of skepticism. Hence the meme was dubbed “Skeptical Baby”.

One of the Original Skeptical Baby Memes

In January of 2012 the meme ended up on the front page of Reddit and received over 1000 upvotes and on that very same day the meme popped up in the subreddit Advice animal. The subreddit is where the meme took off as it had over 6500 upvotes and later spread to numerous humour sites/blogs. In 4 days it had collected over 39 000 hits on one website.

Meme came from Reddit a Blogging Site

The meme has become a phenomenon that explains that the way to parent nowadays is to treat your children like adults. This meme helps tell that story as it gives the impression that the parents have just told the children something they wouldn’t normally know. It shows parenting is vastly different than previous generations. Instead of treating babies like actual babies where we cannot tell them all the dirty secrets of the world, parents are starting to tell the kids everything and give them more responsibility at younger ages.

Kids being Treated like Adults

The Skeptical Baby has become a very widely known meme and is used everywhere to troll and poke fun at certain situations as well as educational purposes.