The Student Reporting Labs of PBS Newshour has been going strong for years. Now is educators’ chance to usher in a new era of reporting.

Journalism needs us now more that ever. With the blistering attack that the media is getting from the left and the right, whether it’s the non-stop sputtering of Hillary’s emails, or Sean Spicer unloading “alternative facts” in a White House press briefing, the role of the journalist has never been more in question. At the same time, good journalists have also never been more necessary. We need people who aren’t afraid to ask tough questions, learn how read between the lines, and get to the heart of a story.

We need good journalists.

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On my wish list would be scientifically literate journalists, ones that can look at facts, data, can make inferences, then report on those facts. Ones who don’t just take people at their word, but do their research, look at pictures, data, interviews, and look for evidence to back up their facts. …


Daniel Rezac

Education Community Manager @ Tynker.com, Maker Faire Producer, EdCamp Illinois Organizer, Illinois Computing Educator. Proud Maker.

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