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This holiday season is turning out to be a great season for Virtual Reality. Verizon stores are giving away free Google Cardboard headsets. What is Google Cardboard? It turns your smart phone into a virtual reality headset! You can’t beat free, and you can’t beat VR!

Why is this important? The amount of new immersive content available on YouTube (and other apps) related to science, STEM, and more is an opportunity for our kids to be whisked away to new planets, solar systems, jungles, and experiences. And with a 360 Degree camera- we can also create immersive content.

This is certainly one way you can get Cardboard into your kids’ hands, but if you’d like to give them something a little more snazzy there are even more options:

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The new Viewmaster is also Google Cardboard!

This is the new Viewmaster and it’s available at Target, Walmart, and BestBuy. You’ll probably see a handful in stock, because I don’t think many parents know that this is also a Google Cardboard headset- compatible with all the Google Cardboard apps. And it’s only $29! (cheaper on Amazon).

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This is the Powis Cardboard viewer.

This above Powis cardboard viewer is another snazzy option, and makes a great gift. It’s also $29.00, but is encased and fits all large smartphones.

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Not going to lie- this one’s a little pricey.

The last option above is much more pricey. It’s the Zeiss VR one, but it’s definitely the most durable of all. It’s a serious case for your smartphone, and blocks all surrounding light, and is the most immersive. Yeah- this one’s $120.00. For the best experience, you want to block all bleeding light from the surrounding room.

Why Cardboard?

You’re going to start hearing a lot about Google Expeditions, 360 video, and immersive content. Cardboard is the leader right now, but we’re just getting started. Having a VR headset, I believe, is going to be a standard school supply, like pencils and headphones. The possibility to be shown immersive content or engage in an immersive game are going to skyrocket over the next couple years.

You can see what Google is doing with Expeditions here.

Check out a Quest Academy student’s TV appearance (Josh Mhoon) in 360 Degrees here. Of course- it’s better on Cardboard to see all of our student’s reactions.

Get one- while you can!

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