There’s Always a Bit of Truth in Legends
Chris Pirillo

I’ve dabbled in SWEU, but I believe in the auteur theory of SW. Meaning, I like SW being guided by one master vision. That’s why I believe JJ Abrams when he says you won’t see much of a crossover between the Legends and the movies. When people start asking whether Grand Admiral Thrawn is going to show up in Episode VIII- just stop. Let it go. It’s not going to happen, and I agree with that avenue.

Having an expanded universe is one thing, but Marvel is doing a good job because there’s really one guy, Kevin Feige guiding it all. It got a little messy in Ultron, but overall each story had some connectivity to a much larger story.

The Star Wars Story Group is going to protect the overall story from becoming the mess that SWEU was.

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