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Hypocritical Oaths

Cue the spotlight.

I try to be an equal opportunity critic, a goal easy to espouse and even easier to execute. My target is hypocrisy, not those whose opinions differ from mine. As an advocate of sorts, I place myself squarely in the volleys that come from all sides.

It makes my day.

Today’s twitterverse is abuzz with praises for the life and contributions of John McCain. McCain gave much for this country and for the cause of freedom, and his feud with Donald Trump was notorious and personal. But when a national leader dies, it is a time for oblations, memorials, and praises — not vitriol.

For die-hard Trump-haters it’s the time for ramping up the volume. Many of today’s assaults have been launched from a bunker of assumed safety, for they are woven into pompous eulogies delivered from the tired red carpets of Hollywood and other resorts of liberal conformity.

This is, of course, akin to farting at a wedding; out of place, bad timing, and it leaves a foul odor.

Occupation of moral high ground used to require credentials. Those trusted to guide from such a position used to be pastors, teachers, parents and spiritualists. In his attack on Trump, spewed from the desert of animosity, activist pastor John Pavlovitz sidestepped any semblance of praise for McCain. He opted for good old-fashioned schoolyard bullying and lobbed gooey spitballs such as this:

“You spent the last years of his life belittling him, patronizing him, maligning his character, and questioning his patriotism. You’re human garbage.”

Perhaps the “you’re human garbage” phrase is meant to illustrate the type of belittling and character-maligning he charges Trump with. Who knows? Seems a reasonable analysis, right?

Stephen King has long criticized all things conservative, and his outspoken criticism of Trump is consistent. No problem there. However, in his rush to recognize McCain for an exemplary lifetime of service, King reveals his own hypocrisy.

John McCain: American patriot, war hero.
Donald Trump: Draft-dodging weasel.

From King’s official biography:
“A draft board examination immediately post-graduation found him 4-F on grounds of high blood pressure, limited vision, flat feet, and punctured eardrums.”

Trump was deferred for bone spurs, King for his own laundry list — after his vociferous anti-war activism at the University of Maine. Whether either or both of them were draft-dodgers is not mine to judge. But the two of them share more than Vietnam-era deferrals: they are both haters and hypocrites. One hypocrite criticizing another deserves no more than a yawn and disdain.

As if we haven’t heard enough from Kathy Griffin, she piled on with even more of the wit and wisdom we’ve come to expect from her corner of the gutter:

“Take his name out of your mouth you piece of shit. You maligned his military service while you did everything to avoid serving. You attacked him repeatedly…(it devolves into F bombs)”

Kathy’s reasoned criticism of Trump has always been polite, supportive and delivered in the spirit of reconciliation. Maybe. Well, once. OK, never. It’s pure hate. Repeatedly. With juvenile props. And potty mouth. And devoid of imagination. Other than that, she’s a force to be reckoned with.

The point is……..I think you understand the point.

Here’s the thing: when people resort to hypocritical name-calling, frothing self-aggrandizement, and narcissistic attacks, all that comes out is that which covers San Fransisco sidewalks. And, like those who soil those sidewalks with their own fecal matter, the only person with any interest is the one who spews it, and others who feel at home among the piles.

There is much for which Trump can be criticized fairly and respectfully. When hyperbole is hurled amid the spittle of hydrophobic haters, it gets lost in the din of the asylum.

Is that hard to understand?