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I chose the image shown above for its simplicity, humor, and its easy-to-understand message that as writers we hope to convey our truth to readers, but sometimes our messages are corrupted in the process. To one man, a dog licking his face is a sign of affection; to another, it is a path to infection. Both points of view are valid. …

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But I don’t recommend it for COVID-19

The history of mankind is replete with plagues. Deadly diseases that have been reduced to asterisks in history include smallpox, polio, malaria, and a host of other semi-forgotten viruses, some of which enjoy a bit of cachet, such as The Black Plague.

Jonas Salk is widely known as the developer of the polio vaccine. Less well known is Edward Jenner, who developed the first successful vaccine in 1796, effective against one of the most deadly viruses of the day, smallpox. Smallpox has a rich history. It is credited with killing an estimated 3.5 to 7 million people in the Antonine…


RIP, Impeachment

Dear Sam:

Let me express my sincere condolences. I was shocked to learn of the death of your brain. Please accept the attached transcript taken from Ambassador Sondland’s testimony before the Judiciary Committee, November 20, 2019. I pray you find a third grader who can read it to you.

Transcript of conversation between Representative Turner and Ambassador Sondland, 11/20/19.

Turner: If you pull up CNN today, right now, their banner says “Sondland Ties Trump To Withholding Aid.” Is that your testimony today, Ambassador Sondland, that you have evidence that Donald Trump tied the investigation to the aid? …

Book of Mormon in the Farsi language

In Their Own Tongue

The history of the church of Jesus Christ is written in blood, sweat, and tears. Sacrifices were exacted of ancient adherents to Christianity; apostles were murdered, faithful followers burned at the stake, tortured, raped, and in general, persecuted by the use of every conceivable form of inhumanity. The old saw about the Christians and the lions only scratches the surface of man’s cruelty and intolerance. Slavery was often seen as one’s most desirable outcome against the onslaught of those who feared this new religion.

In our dispensation we honor valiant LDS pioneers who trudged across desert and plain, fending off…

Speaking Truth to the Disinterested?

Note: This is the text from an email sent to Medium editors (assuming Medium actually has editors. . . am I the only one who questions their existence?)

Dear Editor-bot:

Medium is no longer a disinterested neutral platform. Medium commissions articles and publishes at will. I have no problem with that but I take exception to Medium’s consistent practice of publishing feature articles full of half-truths, fabrications, and ignorant rants.

A case in point:

My reply:

Jessica is a popular and talented writer who pontificates from a predictable liberal position. I enjoy reading all points of view but…

Actual photo of Sam McKenzie, Jr., courtesy of Pixabay

Sam McKenzie Jr., Snowflake

I’m not worthy of Sam McKenzie Jr.’s response.

Sam posts regularly, writing mostly about equality — more accurately, he writes under that tagline. What he writes is usually a rant centered on white privilege, race, and culture. These posts seethe with anger. Sam lashes out in accusations, charges, and demands. I agree with some of his thoughts; others, I reject.

Lest we go too far afield, let me state my interest in this discussion. My paternal grandmother is from Mexico. My paternal grandfather is Maori, from New Zealand. On my mother’s side, my 11th great grandmother is named Matoaka Powhatan…


The Old Man Snags a Gig.

My life-choices have led me through Hell, celestial peace, away from, then back to spirituality, and into numerous money-making opportunities. I’ve been an electrician, a business owner, investor, success, and failure.

Through it all I have been, first and foremost, a salesman.

Five years ago my wife and I were granted custody of one of our grandchildren. Sam will soon be a teenager. He’s a major asset in our home and I am thrilled to have him with us.

However . . . having already raised four children, my wife and I were hoping for some down time. We’re respectively…

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A Primer for Liberals

Michael, congratulations! You’ve caught the attention of Medium editors, who dismiss conservative viewpoints; you’ve attracted a fair number of claps. Mission accomplished.


You have dismissed a large swath of Americans who see this issue in a completely different light. Most of us don’t deny climate change. Has there ever been a time in our history when the climate was not changing? Of course not. BUT: The earth is a gajillion years old, and you are focusing on a snapshot.

So far, the evidence that man is causing climate change is inconclusive.

The vast majority of studies are based on…

Cue the spotlight.

I try to be an equal opportunity critic, a goal easy to espouse and even easier to execute. My target is hypocrisy, not those whose opinions differ from mine. As an advocate of sorts, I place myself squarely in the volleys that come from all sides.

It makes my day.

Today’s twitterverse is abuzz with praises for the life and contributions of John McCain. McCain gave much for this country and for the cause of freedom, and his feud with Donald Trump was notorious and personal. …

Photo by author

Not so much

I have so little time, and live in a target-rich society. But there are some things that command attention, like the hollow debate and scare tactics that undergird many essays. It may be an effort to persuade us that we should believe that the one guy in America who is despondent about “extreme weather,” is sane; I’m not buying it.


Because the facts tell a different story.

More appropriate than the premise of some writing is the view that none of us need be hopeless. …

Dr. Feem

Visiting conservative fellow at Medium. Contrarian. Equal opportunity critic.

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