Why Learning Angular 2 Was Excruciating
Liz Bennett

Hi Liz,

My experience with ng2 has been very similar to yours. I am coming from a background of being self-taught in software development and working on my own projects only at the present time. Back in the Spring I discovered Angular as I was looking for tools to do a re-work of my main web app. “It’s totally fine to use the Beta version of Angular 2 in production apps” everyone said. Um, no, I don’t think so.

When the router situation blew up, I decided to put the whole project on hold and wait for the final release. In the meantime, I started reading up on and learning the fundamentals of Javascript. It’s an interesting language, for sure! I have been gradually tweaking my webapp with my new JS skills while waiting for ng2 to mature.

I’ve decided to wait a little while longer.. I really want to use Material, so I’m thinking I’ll go through a couple of ng2 online courses and start hard-core coding of my project once that is out.

I do think Angular2 will be a great tool once it’s ready to be!

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