Day 35 — Why bother arming for battle?

“No matter how well you arm for battle, victory is determined by Him.” (Proverbs 21:31, The Voice)

At first glance, one might assume from this passage that preparation is inconsequential. God’s gonna do what God’s gonna do, so you might as well go on about your business and roll with it as it comes.

Some Christ-followers even take verses such as this to mean that we should never make plans or goals, or consider strategies toward those goals. If it happens, it must have been God’s will; if it didn’t, it must not have been.

In some extreme cases, “I will pray about it” means “I have no intention of doing anything.”

But what if we saw a life of prayer as the central part of arming ourselves for battle? What if we asked Him to inspire our plans and goals and give us discernment into the best strategies?

What if “I will pray about it” means “I will surrender myself to God and seek His wisdom about my next step in this process”?

Question: How might such a perspective change your approach to preparation, planning, and goal-setting?