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Scientists recently figured out a cool way to measure how much urine is in a public swimming pool. And the results are sure to turn some heads!

Their sweet idea? They used the artificial sweetener acesulfame K (Ace K). The human body is unable to break down aspartame, which is why there are no calories. It’s excreted intact in our urine and stable in swimming pool water.

Researchers closely followed two public pools and found nearly 8 gallons of urine in the smaller one and nearly 20 gallons of urine in the larger one. They also found high levels in the 31 other pools and hot tubs they checked. …

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Back in 1996 the leaders of medicine gathered in Washington D.C. at the IOM headquarters to to discuss something revolutionary and important: health information becoming available to the public on the web.

I was probably the youngest person in the room.

One of the doctors I revered stood and addressed the assembled crowd, telling us that the Internet is dangerous, the risks are too great, and we should warn all patients never to look up health information or answers to their health questions online. Applause filled the room.

When the room quieted, I stood. I had already been answering questions at since 1995 and putting the best of what I knew online. I said that people searching the web for answers to their health questions was absolutely inevitable. …

A landmark NIH study made headline news in September 2015. People might be able to reduce heart attacks, heart failure and stroke by almost a third and the risk of death by almost a quarter. How? Simply with vigorous management of high blood pressure — beyond the current guidelines.

The life-saving effect in the study was so dramatic that the NIH stopped the study early. They wanted to quickly spread the word to the 1 in 3 of us who already have high blood pressure. And of course to the 9300 people in the study.

How we monitor and control blood pressure matters. …


Practicing Pediatrician. Author Raising Baby Green, Feeding Baby Green, @WhiteOutNow, Foodie. I follow back: health is participatory.

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