Dr. Gregory Brammer — How to Become an Electrical Engineer

Dr. Gregory Brammer is an expert electrical engineer who graduated from the Washington State University in 1991, earning an outstanding senior award during the process. The process that led there was difficult, but certainly rewarding. Anyone who has a general penchant for electricity and electromagnetism should at least contemplate the idea of becoming an electrical engineer.

Dr Gregory Brammer

The Process Usually Starts at a Young Age

While there are electrical engineers who started the process in their 20s, that is certainly not the usual circumstance. Those who become electrical engineers usually show an early interest in the topic. Because of its highly technical nature, it is important to gain experience before high school or during it, ideally at the latest.

Learning and Understanding the Basic Concept

In electrical engineering, the basics are literally everything. If you want to become an expert at it, you have to understand the basic concept in its entirety, from both a theoretical and practical standpoint. Physics and chemistry are the two most important subjects.

Study the Prerequisites Before Attending College

If possible, attend IEEE (Institute of the Electrical and Electronic Engineering) meetings to learn more about the subject and the profession itself.

College Degree

At the advent of college studies, pursuants of this career path should have a developed understanding of electrical engineering which hopefully involves practical and theoretical knowledge as well. Survey and narrow the branches, select the one best fitting, and develop a mentality that requires continuous improvement.

Dr. Gregory Brammer found his electrical engineering degree to be an invaluable tool during his career in the medical field.

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