Achieving a Composed Mindset with Daily UI Challenge to Become a Better Designer.

This year I will have to redesign the same project for the fifth time…

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Oct 24, 2018 · 5 min read
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Final, Final For Real, I Give Up.Psd

Probably every creative can relate to the situation when you put your heart and soul in a project just to see it stabbed multiple times by stakeholders. What if this happens over and over again for the same project? With every round you are getting more and more unstable, increasing the chance that you will actually create something shit or say something stupid. The tension just keeps growing and it won’t go away. As a designer of any sort, one of the challenging — if not the most challenging — part is to keep yourself composed at any time. This mindset won’t be achieved without some kind of practice. In my case, this was the 100 Daily UI Challenge. How?

Think about the challenge as a “client”. He keeps coming back every day, asking for unpredictable tasks meanwhile you have to manage your 9–5 job, family, relationships etc., with little or no reward at the end. During 5 months a lot can happen to you, but still, this “client” won’t go away. If you can show up every day and deliver, I guarantee that your tension limit will be improved a lot, giving you a chance to keep your mind cool at all times. Not to mention that your design skills will greatly improve as well.

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End result of all the measurements I made during the #dailyui challenge. for high-resolution image or get the

Hints for the 5-month Challenge.

1. It Is 5 Months. Be Persistent No Matter What!

It is a long period of time. A lot of things will affect your mood and there is no big prize at the end so remember that you do this to be better every day, not to be the best every day. Go check , not all of them will win an award for me.😀 There will be ups and downs but if you manage to “show up” every day I guarantee that you will simply feel a huge step forward in your skills at the end.

2. Always Look Around First! Align Yourself with the Best.

Before everything else, I did a research about the task at hand to see what is the most appealing solution for me. Sometimes I found something that I liked so much, I just went in there and copied the whole stuff because I wanted to experience the process of creating that specific thing. Don’t be afraid to copy good work. After a while, I noticed that my own ideas merged with the followed examples creating a new style which was my “own”. Far from perfect, but something to work with.

3. Measure Your Process Somehow. Learn About Yourself.

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Daily UI #18 — Analytics

For me, the biggest win of the challenge was that when I was at “Daily UI #18 — Analytics”. I came up with the idea of the infographic which you can see here and from that point I took notes every day about my process which became the extensive analysis shown above. Analysis of my own behaviour. For every person, these learnings would be completely different, so I let you guys do the discovery for your selves. If you want, in Figma, just make sure to share it with us at the end. 😉

4. Set Yourself Some Rules. Create Your Own Goals.

For example, I only let myself at max, 2 hours a day to work on the challenges. Whatever I had at the 2-hour mark, I had to upload. Of course, I could spend my whole day on each and every task (and if you want to, go ahead) but for me, the goal was to try out new solutions, expand my field of view and to get comfy with some new programs on the way.

5. Share Your Results. Get Feedback.

Like I said, not all that you create will be groundbreaking. Still, be brave and share everything. For me, it was really interesting to see the view numbers and likes I got. Sometimes I felt like “Wow” but numbers said something else... Don’t forget that your idea of good design is subjective. Design is about creating solutions for a community. You cannot leave them out of the process.

6. Not Every Task Will Be Exciting But Still, Have Fun!

Most of the tasks that I found hard was not because I had problems creating it, but because I could not motivate myself to do something that I was not interested in. Here you have to take a step back and find something in the task that is exciting for you. Deal with it from that perspective. If you don’t feel some kind of excitement while you are creating it, you are on the wrong path.

+1. Again, Be Persistent! Show Up Every Day!

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See all on my

This Year I WILL Redesign the Project for the Fifth Time!

helped me tremendously to push my limits and to be more composed in any situation. As well it made me realize how much I don’t know about design and to see in which direction should I head for the next level. Maybe it could help you as well.

Check out all of the challenges on my site.
Find my Figma template for the DailyUI Challenge

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