I’ve come to conclude from all of the research that I’ve done in the last 2 &1/2 months, pretty…
Jim Amar

I fully agree. As a parent of a vaccine injured son I strongly feel it should be a choice. It’s called informed consent! You can’t trust their research. Merk faked their results. Then you look at the sneaky way the conduct their studies. Want to pull a fast one, use the adjuncts as a placebo (doesn’t meet the criteria) and then you can say that the vaccines are safe! As safe as the placebo. When my son suffered his vaccine injury, he showed neurological damage within hours of receiving his dpt at the age of 1 in 1983. I was told that it was normal! Yet as an RN of six years who worked in ICU I knew it wasn’t. It was never recorded as a vaccine injury. At the age of 3 he was seen at Boston Children’s Hospital and we were told he was severely ADHD. One of the worst they had yet seen is how they described him. Later we discovered that he was also learning disabled. Back then there wasn’t a term for Aspergers. It’s because of this that I keep up with research and the lack thereof such as double blind studies and research of the Vaccinated vs unvaccinated for starters. Our vaccines are not safe!

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