Jill Vs Hill : How Progressives Are Jeopardizing America’s Future

I’ve seen a lot of people entangled in the Jill v Hill debate for some time since Bernie Sanders lost. The subject exhausts me. To be so microscopically focused on these two is missing a larger picture. What about the Senate and House races? The reason why progressives are losing our battles is because Republicans know what we don’t: Congress is more important at the state level. They pour billions into senate and house races nationwide for this very reason while we’re busy fighting ourselves.

In politics, ‘divide and rule’ is a successful tactic that has endured for millennia. Applied now to progressives, It will destroy the fabric of our nation beyond repair. Our corporate owners love it when we fight each other.

It means that we are broken up into little fragments of progressives to busy fighting and destroying one another. Not only are we doing the hard work for them, we make Republicans, and corporate oligarchs stronger by doing so. They just sit back, laugh at us, and keep on getting away with turning our nation into a corporate wasteland-how do we benefit from that?

We must consider that whoever wins the presidency will need to cast their final vote on legislation written by congressmen and senators so as progressive voters, it makes sense for us to have progressives & liberals writing bills. So let’s focus on these races for a minute.

Think about what’s happening in your state. If you think your state is progressive or blue in regards to your congressmen and congresswomen, think again. Chances are your state is dominated by Republicans and if you have seen an unusual amount of welfare cuts, anti-civil rights legislation, bigoted discriminatory laws, and a declines in your infrastructure and economic situation, that is why.

Congressional Districts

What happens in your state will not be affected directly by either Jill Stein or Hillary Clinton, but through our congressmen and senators who write legislation for either one to pass. This is why Bernie started Our Revolution, and why he campaigned on people power. You may agree or disagree with Senator Sanders on his decision to endorse Clinton, but don’t forget what his core message was. We need progressives down ticket and Our Revolution is supporting them along with Progressive Democrats of America and Brand New Congress. When taken in conjunction, all three are very powerful ways in which we can continue the people’s political revolution together.

Bernie’s core message was always to get out and vote at the local level as well as the federal level because unless we can gain the senate and congress, no progressive legislation will get passed at all. In fact, it is very likely that if you do not get out and vote for progressives down ticket, we will have every progressive law written in the past eight years overturned and replaced with draconian laws that will prevent us from saving our nation for our children and grandchildren.

He also advocated nonviolent civil disobedience to pressure these newly elected progressives and incumbents to do the right thing. While it may be difficult with a Democratic Party in control, Sanders Democrats are far more likely to exercise the will of the people while Republicans simply don’t give a shit about the will of the people and will steamroll anything we try to do no matter how much we protest or petition. They are, at heart, fascists and xenophobes who think they know what’s best regardless of how we feel about it.

Please, take a look at 270 To Win and check out your state races and then research the candidate that has the best shot at winning who best represents you in 2016. Then do it for 2017, and then again for 2018. It never ends and your apathy in this matter is exactly why your state is likely controlled by Republicans in the House of Representatives. If you do not turn out this year, the senate many also continue to be Republican led, and be a greater margin.

It would be the supreme irony that Berners would allow our nation fall into Republican control from the top down because we were too busy fighting about Stein versus Clinton. All we had fought for would be forever lost. Wouldn’t it be a shame if we let our progressive infighting distract us from these races? Instead of the most progressive laws, we would become a massive fascist dictatorship in a very real sense. That would be utterly stupid.

I understand that many democrats have treated progressives worse than anyone, but we must rise above and be the better person in that argument. Far too much is at stake. Forget condescending Clinton supporters or the Stubborn Steins and focus on the issues we all care about: climate change, gun control, fair elections, and money in politics. The only way forward on these issues is massive voter turnout on November 8th and by voting blue down ticket.

I get that many people are disenfranchised with the Democratic Party and all of its representatives, but just as it is unfair to blame an entire culture on the actions of an individual, it is unjust to blame the entire party for the actions of a few. The DNC is not the party- it is a private club within the party. There are many outstanding democrats like Zephyr Teachout in New York, Arik Bjorn in South Carolina, Tulsi Gabbard of Hawai’i who boldly champion the progressive ideals brought into the mainstream by Bernie Sanders. Imagine if every congresswoman and senator from Our Revolution took over and worked along side Sanders in congress - what could we accomplish then?

Go to Our Revolution and find out who to support in your state.

While Green Party candidates should run for local office, I don’t see a whole lot of candidates at the national level who are even a blip on the political radar. Jill Stein herself cant even break through the 3% margin in national polls which means that beyond a small but dedicated group, the Green Party can’t get near enough votes. That may be a painful reality to some, but it is reality nonetheless. I do hope that from this point on the Green Party continues to push for broader nationwide recognition because they are an important voice and I would love for them to be a real political force. Sadly, at this time the Green Party simply does not have the nationwide infrastructure to pull off a political coup.

The Greens would need to win over a majority of Democrats and independents who vote Democrat to win every local election so I don’t see them posing much of a threat to Republicans. As such, Democrats are the only ones in a position to keep the nation from sliding further into an extremist right-wing dystopia headed by a fascist dictator.

I’m sure i’ll have more to say on presidential politics soon, but I’m very concerned that progressives will do what our corporate masters love and keep fighting among ourselves to the point that we don’t vote at all, and lose the senate permanently. So get active and realize that while you may disagree with your Hillary or Jill supporting friends, we are essentially in agreement on 99% of every other issue. Move beyond this, please. Vote on November eighth, vote Blue and let’s take our country back from these neo-fascists in the Senate and House while we still can.

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