This research-based “Intentional Moderation Framework” can help target the zone where technology has positive effects on well-being.

Are we really turning our brains to mush?

Technology, the internet, and social media are downgrading our cognitive capabilities, squashing our creativity, and creating upticks in bullying, depression, anxiety, and teen suicide!!!! Really? Maybe, and…

Whether talking about TV, smartphones, computers, video games, online dating, entertainment streaming, instant messaging, YouTube influencing, or social networking, the reality is that technology is here to stay.

So let’s figure it out…

Semi-political reflections — what Americans should know about how we can be better role models and collaborators.

The Tricky Contradictions in Claiming Pro-Life or Pro-Choice

Immersing in a new culture made me whole in places where I didn’t even know I was broken.

Find an opportunity to leave. I’m not talking about a 2 week trip to a Mediterranean island, which although lovely, basically leaves you with a very nice tan and a smaller bank account. I’m talking about real cultural immersion and all of the messiness that comes with it — the language, the food, the driving, the music, the politics, the weather, and the people.

Why bother? The challenges life hands you abroad may be much more difficult outside of your comfort zone, but the benefits — if you are open to them — will change you, your perspective, and your…

Are we ready for a relational solution to our pain?

I’m still trying to figure out if I did the right thing by creating drama by using concepts from the #metoo movement to talk about peer bullying.

As a female executive director (and former psychology teacher) at a small, all-boys therapeutic boarding school, I have no shortage of interesting conversations with adolescent males. With the #metoo movement in the past few years, many males have used it for their own personal growth, but I have also noticed a bit of a backlash reaction from select male populations. …

Dr. Heather Tracy, Ed.D.

I am an educator, psychologist and school director who loves learning, growing, and is passionate about how we can better serve youth in the 21st Century.

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