Benefiting From the Underlying, Hidden-in-Plain-Sight Universals Found in Nature’s System of Interconnectivity

Photography credit Robin Lopez

He will win whose army is animated by the same spirit throughout all its ranks.

- Sun Tzu

The above image and Sun Tzu quote seem to capture the theme of this article perfectly. The quote envelopes the unity of global experts of various industries featured in this article series and those across the world implementing this article series’ mandate for holism in business, educational, and personal arenas for maximum potential and well-being. Regarding the image, the male represents our same collective entity. The gaze and physique, the dedication and ability of our collective entity to conquer the tremendous and powerful obstacle of an ever-diminishing ability to see and think thoroughly and properly. The smoke, the power of our collective entity to obliterate that obstacle. The absence of anything else in the image, the full concentration and resolve of our collective entity to focus all emotional, mental, and physical efforts on that obstacle so no aspect of it lives past this war.

The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.

- Sun Tzu

Photography credit Javardh

The image and Sun Tzu quote directly above also seem to capture the theme of this article perfectly, but also expand upon the note regarding the previous image and Sun Tzu quote. The quote envelopes the concept of how we as that collective entity across the world will win this war, but with peaceful actions. While the holistic visions and minds of those of us in this global collection are extraordinarily fit for this war just as the brave 300 Spartan warriors while battling the thousands of Persian warriors at Thermopylae, the tactics we employ in this war are as peaceful as the light feather in the above image as it gracefully maneuvers towards the ground into the hand. This is because all of us in this mission are moving forward via our expertise in advancing the business, educational, emotional, mental, and physical lives of others by utilizing a lifestyle of holism, i.e. an entire vision and mindset based on holistic problem-solving that works across countries, cultures, industries, and languages. Below is one of the ways one of our experts in this collective mission is helping tremendously advance the lives of others, in the field of holistic health and wellness.

Photography credit Vidar Nordli-Mathisen

Steven Obregon is a former police officer turned-entrepreneur in holistic wellness whose expertise focuses on body contours. He is known for creating novel natural oil formulae to help return, rejuvenate, and accentuate body contours of abdomens, breasts, hips, legs, and thighs.

Photography credit Norbu Gyachung

“Law enforcement has a view of problems from a very limited vantage point, due greatly to repeated trainings based silo-minded protocols. These things help lead to biases that damage the mindsets of the law enforcement agents and lead to wrongful convictions and incarcerations, prejudice-based violence (including attacks and killings), and close mindedness to new ways of doing things. Cases are investigated with outdated mentalities, and apprehended perpetrators are quickly forgotten about afterwards, being left to suffer in the court system after a “case closed” status is reached — be it solid or not.

Photography credit Sharon McCutcheon

After being introduced to holistic health long ago, I then saw that there was a better way of doing things, of seeing the world, of seeing issues and opportunities, and, most importantly, of helping people. This new, holistic perspective of things helped me, and continues to help me in seeing that there is more out there for us than what traditional educational, medical, and legal systems show us. This type of holism shows us also that the world is far more powerful in enhancing our lives than most ever think possible. Turning deeper into this way of life, I took on the practice of holistic health and started doing all I can to learn this path, and then to quickly become a known-expert in body contours so to help people increase not only their health, but their entire well-being by increasing their self-worth, self-esteem, self-image, and self-love. This also of course helps increase their overall physical health because an enhanced mentality leads to enhanced physical health, ultimately leading back to the enhanced well-being.

Photography credit Charles 🇵🇭

This holistic problem-solving offered by Nature’s holistic health practicing is based on a system that mimics Nature itself, just as all true holism is. Taking a body and rejuvenating it by ridding itself of toxins, dead entities, roughness, wrinkles, and all negativities (i.e. all things deemed negative by the client) is a process that involves a shift in a paradigm. The paradigm is the old way of life and ritual habitually practiced by the client. This is inline with any practice introduced to any entity. It is also inline with any shift in Nature, e.g. a season change, a caterpillar morphing into a butterfly, a rainstorm arriving onto an arid land, etc. More specifically, the negativities of the season change pertain to the variables that lead to the current season, whatever it is, which, by themselves, help perpetuate that season, and help to delay the start of the new season that is coming. The new variables that help create and perpetuate the new season must overcome the current variables that perpetuate the current season. Else, the current season will never change and will always rule. This then would lead to Nature being out of whack with its trends. It would lead to a shift in the paradigm of the world’s weather characteristics. So, in order to shift into the new paradigm (season), the negative variables that perpetuate the current season (again, they are negative to the new season because they hinder the creation and continuity of the new season) must be overcome by new rituals, environments, systems.

While this seems simple, perhaps even simplistic, it is a based on the hidden foundations within Nature that show you how Nature runs, and, most importantly, how to deal with change, or lack of change. The systems in Nature are the same ones that true high-level thinkers understand and mimic so they can see and solve problems that most cannot handle, or even see at first. This is the manner of vision that holistic problem-solving, or holism, or holistic health shows you.

Photography credit Josh Hild

When coming across this kind of lifestyle, and the variables that help perpetuate it, such as the natural oils I used in my holistic health practice, especially for my body contours formulae and programs, I now can see how the issues in law enforcement, or logistics, or military, or any other field for that matter, are that are cyclical and lead to damning issues that continue to harm our entire physical world and people in such deep ways — so deep that most never even make the connections to see. For that reason, I have noticed that every person I come across, anywhere on this planet, who is tremendously successful — in health, business, finances, careers, or any other part of life — are of the tiny few who understand this, learn it, and use it in their own manner to help themselves and their loved ones. They are of the minute amount of people who understand the importance of holism — regardless of their profession or allotment in life.

Photography credit David Kovalenko

Holism is the practice of tending to something, a system, as a whole, while ensuring to include all of its parts, variables, so it is tended to properly, wholly, holistically. Helping to continue the benefit of others across the world by using holism, i.e. holistic problem-solving, holistic means is how experts in this collective article series is helping tremendously advance the lives of others. As Steve notes, the main point is to see the world in a manner that most who live and die across this planet do not see, but even more, in a manner that they can never even have the ability to see, i.e. on such a high and deep level that it is, to most, overwhelming and impossible. Further illustrating the interconnectivity of Nature’s holism is the microbiologist Dr. Pooja Gupta (Ph.D.), using an aspect of the digestive system.

Photography credit Sam Erwin

“Microbiological systems within the digestive system are naturally sub-systems of the digestive system as a whole, but, at the same time, also are a parent systems of smaller systems that conduct the digestion as well. Just as in Nature, all systems are naturally parent systems of child systems underneath them, and, at the same time, also are sub-systems of parent systems above them. To show grander interconnectivity in Nature, those systems, whether they are being discussed or viewed as the parent systems or sub-systems of something, can also be of multiple systems at the same time.

For example, specific to this example of microbiological systems in the digestive system, microbes in the gut are both parent and sub-systems of the digestive system, but are also parent and sub-systems of the immune system. These microbes are part of the digestive system because they help breakdown larger, indigestible molecules into smaller ones so the positive variables within those larger molecules can be accessed and put to use for a body. Also, these microbes are part of the digestive system because they help strengthen the immune system by arming it with chemical properties and processes which destroy invading pathogens. It is an agent with a direct role in defending against pathogens by colonizing the space, utilising the nutrients, and by secreting compounds that kill or inhibit organisms that would otherwise compete for the same nutrients.

These microbes are part of what is called the gut microbiome. The gut microbiome is one of the most complex systems in a body. It is so complex that hundreds of research groups are studying the gut microbiota to understand it on a more precise level — so advance the field of biology and, of course, medicine. This is being done using what is called metabolomics via mass spectrometry and NMR spectroscopy. Metabolomics helps us understand the molecular metabolic products at specific times. Such research helps us understand a point-by-point process, system, of what goes on within, in this digestive case, the digestive system. Whatsmore, to make this interconnected system comparison of Nature more complicated, the gut microbiome is part of what is now being referred to as a body’s second brain since it is being discovered that this system can override or even be the frontrunner of processes before, or even instead of what we know as the typical brain.

Photography credit Sophie Keen

By delving deeper into this system and conducting a meta-analysis of it, it is easy to anyone who studies the Interconnectivity of Nature and its systems to see that the underlying principle of the gut microbiome mimics the system of Interconnectivity within Nature. Ergo, the gut microbiome is just another of setting, or system, of Nature.”

Photography credit John Barkiple

As seen here, on a minute level, the interconnectivity of Nature is entirely complex and spreads to every arena of life, existence, creation, the universe, the multiverse, or whatever one wishes to call it. While the learning, mastering, and implementation of Nature’s system of Interconnectivity is mandatory for anyone wishing to become an elite in any arena (e.g. cognition, strategizing, problem-solving, humanitarianism, inventing, artistry, dancing, business, management, law enforcement, investigation, parenting…), it always and quickly gets extremely overwhelming for everyone who begins this path.

Ensure your path to learning and benefiting from Interconnectivity is guided with a guide to always steer you towards beneficial routes and methods, and steer you away from routes and methods that will harm your overall enhancement in business, educational, and personal growth. You have no idea how deep, far, and wide this journey goes.


Photography credit Markus Spiske

The global experts of various industries featured in this article series and those across the world who are implementing and mandating holism in business, educational, and personal arenas for maximum potential and well-being are yielding to, and benefiting from Nature’s powerful system of Interconnectivity because it has had billions of years to experiment, enhance, and perpetuate systems that work. And for this reason, we are like droplets of water that flow effortlessly through the ground beneath us as we glide past obstacles that would otherwise hinder, block, and destroy us.

Water shapes its course according to the nature of the ground over which it flows.

- Sun Tzu

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Dr. Pooja Gupta Aggarwal (Ph.D):

Dr. Pooja Gupta Aggarwal (Ph.D)

Steve Obregon (A.S.):

Steve Obregon (A.S.)

Former Public Safety Officer and CEO of Obregon Essentials, L.L.C. As the head of Obregon Essentials, L.L.C., he leads his team in the search for better and natural solutions to health and wellness problems that plague people in their everyday lives. Obregon Essentials, L.L.C. helps provide invigorating health and beauty by incorporating all aspects, products, and systems that have been proven to assist and better people’s quality of life.

Dr. HermanSJr. (A.A., B.A., B.Msc., M.A., M.Msc., Mpsy.D):

Dr. HermanSJr. (A.A., B.A., B.Msc., M.A., M.Msc., Mpsy.D)

Globally sought-after Global Change Agent, Harvard University-published writer, two-time author, consultant to various entities across countries, industries, and languages across the world (multi-million dollar businesses, universities, doctors, police, engineers, artists, influencers, and many others), university instructor at four universities across the world, expert featured in 25+ media platforms across countries, industries, and languages, psychological expert whose program is undertaken by a global academy certifying people under his name and program. He teaches holistic problem-solving using highly-engaging psychological strategies and the concept of Interconnectivity that surrounds us all every day and controls this physical world and universe, as well as all of our successes and failures.


Peter Sipes (M.A., M.Ed.):

Peter Sipes (M.A., M.Ed.)

Linguist, Latin Teacher, publisher. Pete speaks fluent Latin and has taught it to his two young children (both under age 10) by always speaking it to them as their everyday language. He also speaks Ancient Greek (Hellenistic). He is an avid editor, publisher, linguist, and academic who continues to translate and publish several classical Latin books into English and textbooks on learning Latin.

Dr. HermanSJr. (AA, BA, BMsc, MA, MMsc, MpsyD)

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Global Change Agent Consulting/Training Individuals & Organizations on Holistic Vision | |

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