Written by Kenya Asli, Greg Jordan-Detamore, and Daniel Honker, and re-posted to this account from the original article.

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Our session at Code for America 2019: Making a Smart City about People and Outcomes — Not Just the Tech

At last month’s Code for America Summit in Oakland, the three of us ran a workshop focused on identifying critical questions cities need to ask to ensure “smart cities” and emerging technology projects are focused on people and outcomes, and not just tech. This post recaps what we heard in that session, and invites you to help us keep the conversation going.

Why we brought the smart-city conversation to Code for America

Each of our organizations are working on the smart-city issue in various ways. Austin is looking at how to understand and prioritize problems to make more open and sustainable solutions. Baltimore is focused on transforming the city’s digital infrastructure to better serve all residents and create a seamless interaction between government and residents. And the Sunlight Foundation’s Open Cities team helps make municipal government across the country more transparent, accountable, and participatory. …

I work for the City of Austin’s Office of Design & Delivery as part of a team advising on how Austin should approach emerging technology and the “smart city”. Here’s an overview of how we are thinking about smart cities, and we plan to post more in the near future.

“Scranton — the Electric City” sign
“Scranton — the Electric City” sign
Carol M. Highsmith’s America, Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division.

A few months ago I had the privilege of speaking on a panel focused on building “inclusive smart cities” — how cities can use technology in a way that solves real problems and benefits everyone. …


Daniel Honker

Music fan, husband, father. Helping City of Austin solve thorny challenges through people. Opinions and statements are my own.

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