A 15 Minute Story

Got punched and fell down. Got up, then got punched back down again. Things have gone to shit on the estate since the Boilers took over, but I’m going to get it all back to normal with my trusty crowbar and a couple of careful mates with cars. Got to keep my eye in with the crowbar though; these wankers got the drop on me and now I’m down for the count. Not for long though ’cause I’m getting back up again now and I’m punching the big one in the balls on the way up. He’s falling over now and I’m kicking him while he’s down. His mate tries to grab me but that’s a silly fucking move ’cause I’m well ready for him and he’s on his back before he knows what’s hit him. Then I’m hitting him and he’s staying down ’cause he knows I’m well mental and I won’t take this shit no more.

On to the next lot now; grab my crowbar and jump in the back of Smithy’s truck and we’re away. There’s Boilers on the door at the Wymers’ place but my metal stick will sort them out. Here we are now and I’m well down in the back staying out of sight. ‘What the fuck do you twats want?’ they say to Smithy and Jaq but they don’t answer so they walk over to the truck. Soon as they get close I’m on top of them with the crowbar across their backs. Hard enough to hurt but not enough to break them, ’cause I’m nice like that. Now I’m down low and their ankles are out from under them and they’re whining on the floor. I’m going inside now; time to sort out that twat Wymer and clean this place up once and for fucking all.

Door’s open since Wymer’s bloke came out to see what the kerfuffle was but the round end of the crowbar in his chest knocks the wind out of him and my boot in his belly keeps it out. Step on his hand on the way past and get into the living room. Wymer’s sitting there with a line of coke on the table and a couple of big fellas on either side of her. ‘What do you want you stupid bitch?’ she asks me and I lift up my crowbar and show her I mean business. ‘I want you and your Boilers off my fucking estate’ I tell her and I’m strong now because sometimes I have to stand up and stand my ground. She says ‘I’m not going anywhere and you can like it or fucking lump it.’

I make a run for the sofa and she shouts ‘Do it’ to her boiler boys and I see they’ve got a gu… a g… and then my belly’s warm and wet and red and something’s running down and I’m falling down and my face is scraping on the carpet and I’m leaking my fucking guts out on the floor. I can’t move anymore but I can feel the cold metal of my crowbar in my hand. Really cold. Really, really cold.