The Glibly-Krimple Collection Connection

A 15 Minute Story

Bernard Glibly faced a difficult choice. Staring at the card he longed for, had searched for, had lusted after all this time, he was now in the terrible position of having to give it up for love. His hand had reached the card at the exact same moment as the delightful lady collector beside him, and now he faced having to fight her for it and secure the rare item, or concede the card for the prospect of something far greater: an unending love affair with Edna Krimple that would bring together two of the most magnificent science fiction trading card collections in the whole of the British Isles and very possibly the quite-westerly part of western Europe.

Bernard’s whole future stretched ahead of him. By consolidating the two collections he and Edna could establish a new paradigm of collection and organisation. Their collection would be so vast that they might be able to fill a small exhibition cupboard that might very well get a spot in a local public library after their deaths. This level of fame was unprecedented within the Chiswick Science Fiction Card, Magazine and Poster Collectors Association (CSFCMPCA), and could very well lead to more: a gallery exhibition, posthumous honours for the both of them, a Royal Society for card collectors.

Of course there would be difficulties. They would have to work out the logistics of combination. Would overlaps be sold off to provide funds for expansion? Would they need a pre-nup? As the sides of his fingers brushed lightly against the side of Edna’s fingers in their gentle, damage avoiding tussle for the card though, these concerns melted away in Bernard’s mind. They’d work it out, they’d bring the whole lot together, and the Glibly-Krimple collection would set a new benchmark for card collection throughout the UK and beyond. Yes, it was worth giving up the card for love. He let go.

‘Ha! Mine!’ Edna declared gleefully. ‘Later, chump.’