Five events that offer designers hands-on learning workshops

While we all love a great conference fireside chat, hands-on learning is critical to open up and advance those creative outlets. For all you hands-on kindred spirits, check out this list of five design conferences coming up where you can enjoy immersive workshops and experiences.

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Shot via Danielle Evans

1. Dribbble’s Hang Time NYC

Date: June 6, 2019
Location: New York City, NY

Dribbble’s Hang Time design conference is your chance to join hundreds of designers in NYC for a day of inspiration, learning, and career growth. …

More options equals more opportunities for designers everywhere

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Shot by Dan Cederholm

Good design is more in-demand than ever before: millions of people come to Dribbble to inspire and be inspired for a reason. Our mission at Dribbble is to “build the world’s best platform for designers and creative professionals,” including helping designers find work opportunities that they love, and today we’re excited to tell you about our latest step towards fulfilling that mission.

We’re proud to announce, Dribbble Hiring, a set of tools to help innovative brands bring more job opportunities to you.

Design is more in demand than ever.

In a world where form matters just as much as function, more and more companies are investing in design as a core competitive advantage. Hiring the right designer isn’t just about aesthetics anymore: a well-designed customer experience helps brands attract and retain customers, reduce support costs, and differentiate in a crowded market. …

Designers have been requesting a Dribbble app for years and we finally delivered in June with the launch of our official iOS app. Since then the app has seen over 100k downloads. Our team has been hard at work on some new features and updates that we think you’re going to love.

Here’s what’s new in our Dribbble iOS 1.1 release:

  • Mobile Uploading — Upload shots right from your iPhone or iPad.
  • Dribbble for Apple TV — See shots on the big screen with the Apple TV app.
  • Swiping UI — Swipe left and right on the shot details screen to quickly browse shots. …



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