Photo by Jan Harold Diaz

Dribbble Manila Meetup 03

Another good turn-out this Dribbble Manila Meetup, held last April 20, 2016 at First Circle HQ. Though there were some unexpected mix ups, the night was still full of learning and fun.

The Preparation

We met the Tony Ennis, the CTO of First Circle, personally from the last Dribbble Manila Meetup 02, and expressed interest in sponsoring the next Dribbble Meetup. So he was the first person we contacted when we were cooking up the third meetup. While the Dribbble admins are preparing the event and speaker hunting, the First Circle team was really enthusiastic about the meetup and prepared everything from food, beverages, seats, mic and speakers.

Although we encountered a little mix up during that day. One of the speakers cancelled and can’t make it to the meetup since he was sick. Also, unfortunately, we weren’t able to get some Dribbble goodies, which is understandable, we live on the other side of the world after all. But the meetup managed to go through and was still successful in the end!

Photos by Jan Harold Diaz

The overwhelming registrations, again.

One of the amazing feelings when organizing Dribbble meetups is that we always get overwhelming support from the creative community. We told the First Circle team that we’re expecting 50–60 people to show up. From the second Dribbble Manila meetup, there were only 9 no-shows, so we’re kind of expecting that the same will go with this meetup. Upon releasing the event page in social media, we instantly hit 50 attendees in less than 24 hours! We had to wait until it reach 60, and the registrations are still continuously coming in, so we had to make a waitlist this time again. Days before the meetup, we emailed the attendees to confirm their attendance, so if they can’t make it, we can give the slot to the people in the waitlist. There were around 8 cancellations but slots were immediately given to the waitlist.

The Meetup

Sound system, check. Food, check. 2 Speakers, check. Now we just need to wait for attendees!

We were actually nervous if people can make it because it was raining so hard. In Manila, rain = heavy traffic. Well heavy traffic is almost always present in Manila, but it’s much worse during rainy days. But surprisingly, we still had a rough count of around 50 attendees!

What we love about this crowd is that we’ve seen new faces and they come from different fields: UI, UX, Illustration, Motion Design, Software Engineering, etc.

Photo by Jan Harold Diaz
Photo by Fleener Lemon Dela Cruz

The Speakers

Our first speaker was the CTO of First Circle, Tony Ennis. He talked about a really interesting topic: Creating value as a designer. It focuses on growth and improving your craft, and how to be a valuable part of the team.

Photo by Jan Harold Diaz

Before heading to the next talk, we had a lightning talk from the head of UX Philippines, Ely Apao, who promoted the upcoming UX Philippines Conference, one of the largest UX conferences in the Philippines, which is a month from the meetup day, May 20–21, 2017. It has the theme Design for a better Philippines with speakers from USA, Australia, Singapore, and of course the Philippines.

Photo by Fleener Lemon Dela Cruz

Lastly, Nico Encarnacion from Ace by Saatchi & Saatchi talked about the Sketch + Invision + Zeplin workflow. He showed the power of these tools and how it can help make your design workflow easier, from designing to handing it to the developers.

Photo by Fleener Lemon Dela Cruz

Hanging out

It was a great opportunity to expand your network and meet other designers. People were talking and getting to know each other over pizzas and beer.

Photo by Jan Harold Diaz


One of the main reasons why we conduct meetups is to expand the Dribbble community in Manila. So we had a show-and-tell before ending the meetup, 5 people scored invites and now part of the Dribbble Community!

Thank you

Thanks to everyone who attended the Dribbble Manila Meetup 03! It would not be possible without the help of the First Circle team, the speakers, and of course, the attendees!

We would also like to thank John Daniel Castillo for sharing his experience and learnings from attending a Dribbble Manila Meetup! I guess the reasons here goes the same for any tech and design community here in the Philippines. Dribbble Philippines, along with other communities, will always be there to inspire professionals.

We hope that you enjoyed and learned a lot from the talks. We would also like to welcome the incoming new Dribbblers who showed their work during this meetup and were able to snatch a Dribbble invite!

See you next time!

Photo by Fleener Lemon Dela Cruz (Sadly, not everyone were in the class photo)