Why I’m Quitting UCB, And Its Problem With Diversity
Oliver Chinyere

Brita — Thanks for writing this. Sadly, I feel you’re on target. In addition to the list of groups UCB (Note: I only have experience in LA, not NY) has trouble including, I would add “older” students. Improv as a ‘young man’s game’ is the common perception. During the past four years of classes, I have always been the oldest student. I’ve also at times been the only woman. I look around and see no one like me on stage — only young performers donning gray wigs in sketches to play the dim-witted, sex-starved mom. Unfortunately, age does not qualify for diversity support, so I haven’t got an orthopedic leg to stand on.
“The first step to solving any problem is to not hide from it. And the first step to any form of action is awareness.”
-Mellody Hobson, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Dreamworks Animation

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