Project Introduction:Haden(Horsemen)

“War does not determine who is right- only who is left.”
-Bertrand Russell.

The world and its inhabitants were worthless… atleast this was what Haden saw. To him the world before the end was rotting… Now it was literally rotting. The dead were now walking banners of pain and torture to those they once called friend. When someone died they come back and fed on those who still breathed. This had been the new world for two years. People coped differently with the change… some died trying to survive, some could not take trying to survive, others killed to survive, some just killed… Haden just done what ever he wanted, tearing down the walls of camps and taking what he wanted.

He walked through the town, his bat covered in nails and blood. His red eyes glaring permanently at the empty roads. His black hair covered by his red beanie, that matched his dyed red stolen army uniform. He occasionly took a swing at each of the wandering corpses that ignored him. The dead did not care about him, they only became more vicious with his presence. They became more animalistic, running after they’re prey and ripping them to shreds, even killing each other in the process.

This was the apocalypse, this was where Haden could rip apart the world without someone in his way. He was a king, he was a monster…. He was a horseman.

  • This was the first preview of a concept for my new story. There will be three more to come, so keep an eye out.
  • I will be putting Hollow Nightmares on hiatus as I’ve run out of ideas.
  • And to finish off, I am looking for writers and artists to help develop and share ideas, all credit will be given to the creator as well as a link on where to find them.