The Hollow Nightmares II

We follow a concept no matter how unjustified, with a hope of making it a reality

The wolf had arrived at his lonely cave. Bones and weapons littered the floor among the stalactites of the carved out hill. Failling to hide behind one of the cave’s walls was a female kharav’eel in black clothes. Wait why did the wolf know the race of this strange creature, that it had never seen before?

“Come out now, I don’t care for intruders in my home” growled the wolf harshly.

“ Great job Satel, hiding in the one cave guarded by a talking wolf, only one day after exile” the kharav’eel muttered to herself as she stepped out of hiding.

Her skin was that of a deep purple like all here kind. Her face was sharp, (but was by no means ugly) and framed by silky, long, black hair that reached down her back. She had eyes of deep amber which stared in mock calmness. Her frame was athletic and somewhat thin. Her clothes were a baggy and loose fitting tunic of dyed black cloth, a pair of black tights, a leather backpack and a pair of brown leather boots.

“So let me guess. You’re some legendary monster that has destroyed many clans and tribes who are now what remain before me?” the kharav’eel said while nudging a bone with her boot.

“I am no monster or destroyer. This cave has been my home since as long as I can remember, these bones have been here since before that, so I am sorry to inform you that you’re mistaken” said the wolf in a calm, deep voice.

“You have a strange sense of decor wolfie” said the kharav’eel. “But anyway if you don’t mind I’m gonna continue to open that hidden door over here” she said walking towards a nearby wall sliding a hand over it carefully.

“What hidden d-” said the wolf before being interupted by a sheet of rock disappearing before the kharav’eel, revealing a hallway of black smooth stone with flecks of silver which the kharav’eel began to walk down. The wolf followed silently in bewilderment and curiosity.

The hallway lead downwards at a slight angle. The walls were a deep black that mimicked the image of ever shifting shadows. Flecks of silver broke up this blackness and gave of a faint glow of white that only seemed to somehow make the walls appear darker.

After an hour of walking in silence the kharav’eel broke the silence by asking “Why are you following me?”.

“This is my home, so I’m entitled to know what is in this place. Okay with that answer kharar’eel” said the wolf.

“That’s fine and all but, it’s just creepy when you don’t say anything while following someone, ya know? And my name is Satel, got it” said the kharav’eel. The silence then resumed for another hour of walking until Satel and the wolf reached the open chamber at the end of the hallway.

  • This is the second chapter so far and I hope you enjoyed, even though it became somewhat dialogue heavy.
  • Also I will be picking up where this left off in part 3 so sorry for any suspense or boredom in this scene. The setup for the coming storyline has to be done or else things will get hard to follow.
  • Any ideas, requests or collaborations are welcomed and or considered.
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