The Hollow Nightmares IV

Pure rage has no power compared to that of a silent storm

A day has passed since the story last left off:

Satel and Latahur were in their room in the inn. Satel was reading up on gods and deities, looking for anything to do with Gladitel. Latahur was sleeping… on the floor.

‘Well he lived as a wolf so I shouldn’t be surprised.’ thought Satel but still didn’t look forward to trying to teach him to use cutlery. That would be a mess.

“Well this research is going nowhere, so time to check these out instead.” Satel said, pulling out a pile of papers with faces, names and numbers on them.

“Granix ‘The Firebreather’, demonkin wanted for arson, 200g. Calistel Twins, human sisters wanted for serial killings, 2500g. ‘The Demon’ mysterious figure in all black wanted for physical, assault, robbery and kidnapping, known magic user, 5000g.” said Satel reading off the posters.

“Sounds like a nice bunch. What are you reading there anyway, party invitations? ” said Latahur while stretching his arms.

“Nice to see you’ve learned a sense of humour.” Satel replied.

“Helps to have a smartass voice in your head that turns your dreams into study sessions. Learned what toast is.” yawned Latahur.

“You mean Proditor can do that? That must be boring to put up with every night. Wait did you get to see him?” Satel said in curiosity about the second voice with even less history than Gladitel.

“Yeah he was physical except not. When I looked at him there was only a figure made of dark purple fire in the shape of a man. He thought me how to do this.” Latahur said, while raising his right arm up in front of him. His left eye turned a dark purple, with a purple wild energy flowed slightly from it. Two miniture figures with swords formed in his hand and began to have a mock duel. Then the energy faded in his eye and so did the figures.

“Woah! That’s cool. Can you make full sized people?” Satel said in wonder of this little wolve’s trick.

“I can do much more than that but that’s only an illusion. I can manipulate sounds and sight but I can’t make illusions physically interact with anything.” said Latahur in Satel’s voice, while his eye flared purple again.

“Okay, first off stop talking in my voice. Second, that’s still a useful trick for what I have planned. So we need gold to pay for expenses and other stuff, so I grabbed some job flyers and bounties from a local request office. We can definitely not take on some of these tougher ones ,but maybe we can try and catch this arsonist.” suggested Satel while standing up and repacking her satchel.

“You said this Graxis, is a demonkin. What are they?” said Latahur while getting up.

“They are descendants of humans who made pacts with demons for power. Long story short, they and their bloodlines were cursed to become a different race to humans, with demonic features and powers. Horns, tails, abnormal skin and eye colours are what they and their generations were cursed to. Most demonkin have either a tolerance on immunity to fire. Anyway let’s talk more about this after breakfast.” said Satel as she walked to the room’s door.

“Sounds good to me.” replied Latahur, following her.

Latahur was busy talking with some random fox girl who wandered up to him shyly. As Satel was walking to one of the tables while holding her and Latahur’s food, her wrist was grabbed by a large burly man.

“Well look what we have here! A kharav’eel dog walking around our good town. You need a leash little dog.” said the man threateningly.

Latahur turned around to see this and shouted out “Hey let her go creep!”.

“What? I’m just saying the truth. This kharav’eel needs to now her pl-” began the man before being thrown halfway across the room by a ball of black energy.

“The only dog is you barking at everything that moves.” said a man in an all black cloak standing in the doorway, slowly walking towards the man.

“Halt and come quietly fiend!” shouted a guardsman followed by a gang of five other guards.

“*sigh* Some people never learn do they.” muttered the cloaked stranger, before uttering an incantation, turning into a cloud of shadow that blasted past the guards, throwing them out of the way and began running out the door at inhuman speed.

Satel just stood there not particularly wanting to get involved in whatever just happened. Hopefully they wouldn’t ever come across him again.

“Satel come on let’s chase him!” shouted Latahur as he began running (at an also inhuman speed) after the cloaked person.

“I know what you’re thinking wolfie, but there is no way you can beat that guy in a fight!” Satel shouted after Latahur, but he was well gone by then. She had barely met him a day ago and she already knew that he was always serious about fighting strong people. When she was buying a book on deities, he walked up to some big guy in the corner boasting about killing a giant and challenged him to a fight… that guy could barely stay conscious after one punch.

Latahur had chased this guy for five minutes straight, untill he followed him into a dead end but no one was there.

“I know you’re here, I can still smell your presence.” announced Latahur to the empty alleyway.

“You just had to announce that didn’t you. Now he knows you’re not exactly human, so congrats on keeping that secret.” Proditor said, his voice dripping with sarcasm at that last point.

“Smell my presence? That’s a new one. Anyway I don’t care how you found me, you’re probably another one of those mercs wanting my bounty, but you- like the rest- won’t claim it” said the figure with confidence, while materialising from the shadows.

“Nope don’t want a bounty. Just want to proove that I’m stronger than you.” said Latahur with a wide smirk. His pupils turning to slits, as his nails transformed into onyx claws.

“Okay well this should be interesting” the figure said in a more excited tone.

Satel had lagged behind, but through multiple witnesses she found where Latahur had run off to.

She ran around a corner to find Latahur and the figure from before standing, both exhaling heavily. Scorch marks and dents in the walls were everywhere around them, yet neither had any sign of damage on them.

“What the in the ten hells happened?” Satel asked looking at the two, slightly regretting make herself known to the cloaked figure.

“I would like to know that myself.” said a stern female voice behind her.

All eyes turned to see a woman in full plate white armor,holding a quartz spear, bearing the insignia of the Knights of Greydawn, the second most known security force in the land. “I don’t care who you two are, but you will both be brought in for questioning with ‘The Demon’” the lead guard said pointing her spear at the three.

“Well someone’s cranky. Anyway I doubt either me or these two want to go with you so, bye.” the figure announced murmuring an incantation, causing a blinding black light. When the light faded the three were no longer there.

“That little rat!” spat the woman annoyed.

Satel and Latahur were no longer in the centre of town but in a rundown cottage in a forest.

“Damn. That was my last warp shard.” announced the figure, staring at a white crystal in displeasure.

“Hey who are you? Where are we?” Satel barked angrily at the man.

“We are in my safehouse outside of the town, hidden from those knights. As for my name, it is Zereal. You may know me as ‘The Demon’.” the figure said while digging a satchel from out underneath the floorboards.

“The Demon! You’re meant to be one of the biggest criminals in the land! What do you want with us?” said Satel loosing her harsh demeanour to fear of this wanted criminal.

“Calm down I don’t want to do anything to you two. I mearly wanted to keep that corrupt pyscho from taking you in.” Zereal explained while messing with a button on his cloak.

“Corrupt? She’s part of the Greydawn.” Satel retorted in disbelief.

“That’s why she’s corrupt. The Greydawn have been secretly tied to murders, disappearances and bribing. They are the definition of corrupt. That’s why I have been trying to get as much info on them as possible, but all my leads have ended up dead… literally.” said Zereal, with a tone of sadness at that last word, while taking of his cloak and packing it in his bag.

He wore a black tunic and a pair of black trousers. His deep brown hair was flat with the fringe swept to the side. His pupils a light grey. His frame was similar to that of Latahur, while he stood at a 5,11 in height. His face was softer and more rounded than Latahur’s.

“Maybe these ‘Knights’ are what Proditor and Gladitel meant by growing power. What do you think Satel?” said Latahur leaning against a wall, that collapsed behind him “Oops”.

“Who are these people you talk about?” asked Zereal.

“Oh, they’re our frie-” Satel began, trying to hide truth from this stranger, before Latahur interrupted her.

“They’re the voices in my head” Latahur said like it was a normal thing.

“This is why you prioritise social interaction and what not to say, over magic and illusions.” Gladitel said (unheard to Latahur) in obvious displeasure at the unfolding scene.
“Yeah I kinda screwed up on that decision” sighed Proditor in equal displeasure.

Zereal just stared at Latahur, waiting for a full explanation from him that never came. Satel had to be the one to clear things up.

“Okay, so I know he sounds crazy, but I’ll explain from the very beginning what he’s talking about.” said Satel and began explaing the whole thing.

  • If you don’t know the backstory read parts 1–3, that were published separately. (Why have you only been ready the 4th part anyway!?)

“So you two are just travelling around, looking for some ‘great darkness’ that you have no leads on whatsoever? And this guy, who was a wolf, hears the voices of a deity and a stranger that talk to him, and teach him magic?” Zereal asked to make sure he understood.

“Yeah, that’s pretty much it.” Satel said.

“Well count me in then.” Zereal said standing up and picking uo his satchel.

“What do you mean ‘count you in’?” Satel said, not understanding or liking why this stranger decided their group.

“Look despite my reputation, I want to help people and if something big is happening then I want to know about it. Besides having me around can be helpful if things get nasty along the way.” Zereal said smiling, not backing down on joining the pair on their escapades.

“Fine whatever. But just so you know, just cause I’m a girl doesn’t mean I can’t handle myself.” Satel said glaring at him for underestimating her.

“Well know that’s sorted let’s go get food because I’m starving.” Latahur announced.

“Race you back to the inn.” Zereal replied.

“Oh! You’re so going down.” laughed Latahur running insanely fast out of the house, with Zereal close behind. Satel didn’t even bother and just walked.

“Hello everyone, it’s me Proditor doing the usual ending points this time. You see ‘Drift3r’ is a bit ‘tied up’ at the moment.
First of thank you, to fictionhub for taking interest in our last chapter, it means alot that people get to read this story.
Second we are still looking for an artist to help with art and design for the story. Credit will be given for works done at the end of every chapter so please comment if you want to contribute.
Third please remember to check ‘Drift3r’s’ profile for new chapters. Now if you excuse me I’m gonna stop breaking the fourth wall now. Goodbye.”
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