I wanted to just send you a quick note to let you know about our new publication called Seeking Wisdom.

We originally had this one (Customer Driven) as an experiment — but then we launched our podcast called Seeking Wisdom and it started to take off with over 10,000 downloads/month.

So we launched a Medium publication to match — and anyone is welcome to write there. It’s all about personal and professional growth.

Come join us? http://www.seekingwisdom.io/

Dave Gerhardt

Everyone wants a mentor, or someone to “pick their brain over coffee.”

Everyone wants to become an executive overnight.

But first, you need to carry the water. You need to put in your time.

Here’s what no one ever tells you early in your career: you actually have two jobs. The first job? Crushing your job. Your day-to-day to work. The things you were hired for. Your second job? Managing up and making the life of your manager or boss easier.

That’s what we talked about on this recent episode of our podcast, Seeking Wisdom.

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The Only Secret To Writing Better Copy

Here’s the TL;DR version:

The ONLY “copy hack” is to use the words your actual prospects and customers would use.

But we were making a huge mistake — trying to get too cute. Too pithy. Trying too hard to write catchy copy.

And the result was crap.

But now we’ve learned the truth about great writing:

You don’t actually need to be an amazing writer. You just need to be able to write so people can understand you.

Being understood > being a perfect writer (grammar included).

And the best way to do that is to use the words your customers are actually saying.

That’s been the biggest thing that we’ve learned after 146,693 emails, 50 blog posts, 9 SlideShares, 2 infographics…

An Interview On Convince & Convert’s Content Pros Podcast

This week, Dave Gerhardt sat down with Randy Frisch and Jeffrey L. Cohen on Convince and Convert’s Content Pros Podcast to talk about a huge change we recently made to our sales and marketing:

Getting rid of all of our lead forms and gated content.

Dave, Randy, and Jeff dive into the reasons behind the decision, what it might mean for the future of sales and marketing, and the response so far.

Here’s a link to catch the full episode:

Here’s The Story Behind How They Did It

  1. Timing. Slack was launched in 2012 — that was year we saw headlines like “Stop Email Overload” (Harvard Business Review) and “Be A Bitch On Email, Or Be Email’s Bitch” (TechCrunch). So it turned out to be a great time for Butterfield and co. to be working on a chat and collaboration tool that had the potential to make up for many of email’s shortcomings. Oh and mobile had just started to get everywhere.
  2. They were already well known. The fact that they were already well-known in the tech community from their Flickr days didn’t hurt Butterfield and his co-founders…

Introducing Seeking Wisdom: A Podcast From Drift

Learning is one of the keys to our culture here at Drift.

We’re always learning — whether it’s from our customers, our teammates, books we’ve read, heck even Medium posts sometimes.

And we believe that the only “growth hack” is learning from others.

That’s why today, we’re launching Seeking Wisdom, a podcast to help accelerate your learning.

OK OK. Launching might be a little bit of a lie.

Make It Simple.

We recently sat down to create the first draft of our marketing manifesto here at Drift. These are the principles that guide everything we do. We’ll continue to update this over time, but would love to get your feedback. What do you think?

As a year-round gym-goer, I’ve seen how dramatically our ranks swell when the New Year rolls around.

The previously quiet space is suddenly filled with panting, glistening, spandexed newbies. Although a small portion of them will still be around next January, most will be long gone.

Yet if I worked out at a CrossFit box, rather than a traditional gym, I’d completely miss this mass influx and exodus.

That’s because CrossFit members are twice as likely to still be showing up, day in and day out, when December rolls around.

CrossFit has clearly developed a winning customer retention strategy —…

Product managers have a lot on their shoulders. Working hand-in-hand with product marketers, product managers are the advocates of the customer and they coordinate the product teams. Between wrangling resources and balancing timelines, they keep the customer at the heart of the product.

Turn strangers into customers with free Live Chat. Get started today.

No two product managers are the same. With varied backgrounds, they bring unique skillsets to a growing career field. You should know these 65 product managers setting precedents — and they’re all women.

  1. Kristen Bender is Senior Manager of Music Product Management at Sonos, a wireless speaker company.
  2. With her background in product management, Chantal Marin foundedHoodooPro

A customer-driven sales process boosted our conversion rate. Here’s why.

A few months ago at Drift, our sales and marketing process looked kind of. . . traditional.

If you were interested in Drift, you might signup for our newsletter, download a piece of content or attend a demo.

After that, a lead would get some nurturing to make sure they were a good fit, and then sales would reach out, and so on.

Pretty traditional. And, not all that human or personal.


Sharing the lessons we’re learning building Boston’s next pillar company.

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