Dr. Imran Khan Glasgow Lists the Best Movies of 2019 Thus Far

Dr. Imran Khan Glasgow
Aug 12 · 3 min read

As a doctor and surgeon, Dr. Imran Khan Glasgow knows firsthand the mental and emotional stress which accompanies a career in the medical field. Through the years, he’s come to love movies to escape, wind down, and bond with his children.

Though 2019 is far from over, it’s already proven a monumental year for the film industry and movie-goers alike. Here, Dr. Imran Khan Glasgow highlights a few of this year’s biggest blockbusters thus far. Beware, there may be some spoilers ahead!

John Wick: Chapter 3 — Parabellum

As the third installation in the series, Parabellum is no exception to the overwhelming success seen by both its predecessors. The plot follows Wick, a legendary hit man with a $14 million-dollar bounty on his head.

While the story of Parabellum does little to set itself apart from other hit-men-centered action flicks of this era, it’s the movie’s characters and next-level production quality is what truly earns it the title of one of this year’s best movies. Alongside Tom Cruise and Ethan Hunt, Keanu Reeves delivers yet another unforgettable performance which lends the movie a certain unmistakable element that has made the John Wick series fan favourites for years.


Released on March first of this year, Transit follows Georg as he attempts to escape Nazi-occupied France by assuming the identity of a deceased writer. Using the writer’s transit papers, Georg aims to flee to Mexico and start anew.

Although the film’s plot is based largely on a novel written by Anna Seghers which takes place in the early 1940s, Transit is artfully ambiguous and liquid regarding its time period. In a world that Dr. Imran Khan Glasgow describes as both modern and nostalgic, the film explores identity, trauma, and rebirth. It is a fresh and delightfully strange film that will leave viewers on the edge of their seats.


Us is the second film that American actor and comedian Jordan Peele has produced — like its predecessor Get Out, the film artfully walks the line between comedy and horror, somehow delivering exactly the right dose of both.

According to Dr. Imran Khan Glasgow, the film centers Adelaide Wilson and her family as they return to her childhood vacation home to enjoy a week by the beach. When four masked home intruders break in, the movie becomes a thrilling fight for survival.

At the surface level, Us is a fast-paced and thrilling horror movie. What earns the film mention as one of the year’s best, however, is the way Peele artfully uses metaphor to both thicken the plot’s tension and deliver skillfully nuanced socio-political messages to the audience.


The coming-of-age story trope is nothing new — it has been redone and overused in nearly every way imaginable. With so many modern retellings and worn-out renditions, Booksmart sets itself apart by providing a truly fresh spin.

This quick-witted and fast-paced film follows two academic overachievers Amy and Molly as they let loose on the night before graduation. It is warm, genuine, extremely real and outrageously funny.

Avengers: Endgame

Marvel fans have long anticipated the release of Endgame since its predecessor Infinity Wars premiered in April of 2018. The film’s impressive publicity campaign and overall hype easily made it one of the most anticipated movies of the year — an expectation which Dr. Imran Khan Glasgow believes it met and even exceeded.

With a star-studded cast, cutting-edge visual effects, and an estimated budget of $356 million, Endgame wasn’t just one of 2019’s best movies, it is also one of the most expensive films ever created. Endgame has broken numerous records and just recently became the highest grossing movie of all time, surpassing Avatar which had held the title for the past ten years. While the movie’s visual quality is unrivaled, it’s acting, character development, and overall plot line also makes for a richly dynamic viewing experience, making it one of 2019’s best movies thus far.

Dr. Imran Khan Glasgow

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