Dr. Imran Khan Glasgow Gives Tips for Beginner Tennis Players

Dr. Imran Khan Glasgow
Aug 9 · 3 min read

Choosing to pick up a new sport can be an enthralling journey full of personal rewards and physical benefits. It can also be one with plenty of challenges and roadblocks. While learning a sport like tennis isn’t always easy, it proves itself as entirely worth it when you start to reap the benefits, both physically and socially.

In his professional life, Dr Imran Khan Glasgow is a doctor as well as a head and neck surgeon. In his time off, he can be found either with his family or lobbing a ball on a tennis court. Throughout his fast-paced, high-stakes career in the professional field, he’s come to relish and value the sport’s many benefits. For anyone who is new to the game, he provides the following key suggestions to help them get more out of their game.

Buy a Quality Racket

For beginners, it’s likely tempting to opt for the least expensive gear on the market to see if you enjoy the sport, but Dr. Imran Khan Glasgow encourages beginning players to put time and effort into selecting quality equipment. Often, this does not mean purchasing the most expensive or flashy racket, it simply means taking the care to select one that best suits your individual grip size and needs. Tennis rackets come in many different styles of shape, size, string type, and grip and they all factor into how you will play.

For novice players who are unsure of what to look for in a new racket, seek out the help of a trained sales assistant — with their help, you’ll be able to select a racket that best matches your needs at a price that suits your budget. Putting a little more money up at the start can save you more money in the long run.

Start Slow

Novice players are understandably eager to hit the courts and jump into fast-paced matches versus competent opponents, but Dr. Imran Khan Glasgow suggests that it’s worth it to start slow and focus on fundamentals before jumping into the game itself.

Aspects like grip, the technique for hitting the ball, and footing all require patience and practice. Players who take the time to learn and rehearse these nuances before jumping in will likely form superior habits, ultimately making them better, more well-rounded players who enjoy the sport more. One of the best ways to learn these fundamentals is to find a local tennis club and join their lessons and other drop in sessions to be able to learn from a professional as well as in a group setting. Who knows, you might also meet some other tennis players that you can then play with later.

Always Stretch

New players learn quickly that tennis is one of the most fast-paced and physically strenuous sports — that’s what makes extensive stretching a necessity for each session. While many beginning players are tempted to skip these crucial routines, Dr. Imran Khan Glasgow asserts that doing so will likely lead to severe injury.

Each session should include a warm-up as well as a cool-down. These should involve full body stretches which focus especially on the arms and the legs. Jogging or another light form of cardio is also ideal as you are running a deceptively long distance while playing tennis. Professional tennis players such as Roger Federer can run upwards of two miles during a match; mostly in sprints.

Invest in lessons

While it is not entirely impossible to teach yourself to play, enthusiasts like Dr. Imran Khan Glasgow advise beginning players to invest in lessons early on. Doing so will help ensure that new players are utilizing an effective form and developing beneficial habits.

If you’re serious about learning how to play well, instructors are also relatively easy to find and contact. Reach out to your local sports center or tennis club to find out what offerings they have for new players who are seeking to learn the sport and develop their skills.

Dr. Imran Khan Glasgow

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