Software is eating the world. Really???

As the software developers, our job is mostly at the bottom line. We often talk about brevity and simplicity in code. We also care about user experience and interactions. We often adjust ourselves to rapidly changing frameworks, unclear requirements, noisy open workplaces, unrealistic deadlines and legacy code.

After all, we are normal people. We take pride and show off our work. And to be honest, most of us have to do job for food and family. But, we often forget the bigger picture of the software. We often ignore what is being played with lives of normal people.

1 out of every 4 internet users is a victim of stolen privacy on the internet.

30% of all internet traffic is porn.

More than 79% of internet users use social media

Nearly 33% of people have reported things like isolation and anxiety due to use of social media.

More than 1/4th of us, ‘software developers’ are also involved in the process of above things, directly or indirectly. These are not small numbers and that’s horrifying. This is how languages, frameworks and systems we have built are being used.

Let us put our x language vs y language religious wars aside. Let us put those complaints about noise in our open workplaces aside. Let us put our “we are developers and we rule the world” this kind of shitty attitude aside. Are we really adding any value to what have been built by humans?

We are making people isolated. We are stealing privacy. We are blindly working for companies who can do anything with people and their data for money. Only 10% of software have added value to society. If you wrote that kind of software, then feel happy. Others have fucked up their entire lives for meaningless work.

Life was somehow better before these technological revolutions. What we are doing is making a world of virtual fantasies, nothing else.

Software is not eating the world. It is just killing humanity and we are part of the process!