Bartender In Singapore — Know About Some Basic Bartending Tools

Are you a bartender? Well, you must be aware of some important tools of bartending. The tools are indeed highly effective and can make your job easy. It also lets you work efficiently.

Bar spoon — It is said to be a necessary tool for layering and stirring drinks. Generally, a bar spoon is blessed with a spiral handle and also a small spoon bowl with certain holes.

Blender — It is another important tool for bartender in Singapore that has a growing importance among bartending professionals. A good and professional blender for cocktail shaking is capable of crushing some ice cubes. If you are using a regular kitchen blender, you can definitely use some crushed ice.

Bottle opener — You also need bottle openers that are not twist off easily. Every such professional must have one.

Church key — It is something that is generally pointed at one end to punch the holes in the top of cans especially while the other end is used for opening the bottles.

Citrus Reamer — Juicing fruit is something that tends to be a complex task even without any equipment. So, using the citrus reamer will certainly make your life a quite easier.

Cutting board — Cutting board tends to be either plastic or wood. It is certainly used to cut fruit upon for garnishes. You must always ensure that your cutting board is washed in a proper way before and after every use.