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By Notes In the City

A few weeks ago when the weather was fine, I met a wonderful couple who have started their own charitable business. I had been to a gallery opening that I wrote about in these pages several months ago where they were hosting wine tastings, and I loved the idea so much that I started talking to people I knew to see if that was something I could bring to some of the events I plan and organizations I work with. I heard from one person that it was very difficult to do, but I kept asking, and one day when I walked into the yard of the Church Of The Holy Innocents in Hoboken where Rummage and Ruffage hosts their Saturday events I saw just the person I was looking for. Grapeful sells wines from selected vineyards that do not sell in stores, so every wine they share is something that is very special and unique to their list. Charitable organizations and fund raisers can open a Grapeful order site or host a Grapeful party, and in the words of the founders, “With every bottle purchased, your cause earns money.” What could be better? Enjoy exclusive wines while supporting your own or another great cause — Grapeful has figured out how to win my heart.


Outdoors At HOLA — Hoboken’s Dual Language Charter School

Indoors At Hoboken’s Church Of The Holy Innocents

At Rummage And Ruffage

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