NOIR — To the New Moon!

Introducing $NOIR, the world’s first phygital wine token

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  • NOIR New Moon, a Sparkling Rosé produced using the Méthode Traditionnelle technique, will be offered exclusively as a dynamically priced token, $NOIR, and limited to just 777 bottles (777 tokens)
  • $NOIR token is the first phygital wine token ever created and sets new standards for collectible wine trading
  • When a $NOIR holder wants to redeem their token for a physical bottle, the token is burned, thus reducing the total number of $NOIR in circulation
  • Combining wine purchasing via a redeemable token and NFT creates verifiable on-chain proof of its authenticity and ownership
  • Update: The INO has sold out! In anticipation of the $NOIR launch, beginning on December 18th, NOIR will conduct an Initial $NOIR Offering, or INO
  • In the future full launch, you will be able to buy, sell, or redeem $NOIR through, and $NOIR will be fully tradable on
  • We are proud to build our new project on the SORA Network and be amongst the first to utilize the innovative technology and expansive possibilities that SORA offers its community.

NOIR ‘New Moon’ and the $NOIR Token

At the onset of 2022, no wine company in the world is better positioned in the emerging intersection of wine and cryptocurrency than NOIR. Since its inception, NOIR has intensely brand-aligned with crypto and its core values. NOIR was the first company to accept the SORA $XOR token as payment, and became the official beverage of the SORA community.

Noiriko Soramoto

Over the last few years, NOIR has established a presence within the crypto space, sponsoring events and parties at Bitcoin Miami, #PolkaswapMiami, Sub0, Signal SF, NFT.NYC, and many others, supplying a delicious drink for the crypto community to meet and toast with.

Our first product, a slim-canned Pinot Noir Sparkling Rosé, has been enjoyed by wine enthusiasts and crypto traders all over the world. NOIR recently won the silver medal at the 2021 Monterey Wine Festival, one of the California’s oldest and most prestigious wine competitions, beating out bottles from renowned wineries.

NOIR was served at The Malingering Eye show at Salon 94, an NFT presentation during NFT.NYC 2021

Moving forward, NOIR’s goal is to expand on our unique position in wine and crypto by creating value propositions for both wine collectors and crypto-enthusiasts through new product innovations.

NOIR New Moon, a Sparkling Rosé produced using the Méthode Traditionale technique, will be offered exclusively as a dynamically priced token, $NOIR, on the SORA Network, and limited to just 777 bottles (or $NOIR tokens).

Bottles of NOIR New Moon are only attainable by redeeming the $NOIR token.

These tokens are tradable and redeemable worldwide, wherever it is possible to legally ship wine to. Redeemers will not only receive a luxurious, ultra-rare bottle of our sparkling wine, but also an exclusive NFT, otherwise not available to the public.

Though this concept is unheard of for a wine company, we believe this is a business model all major luxury spirits brands will evolve towards by 2025.

We are proud to build our new project on the SORA Network and be amongst the first to utilize the innovative technology and expansive possibilities that SORA offers its community.

NOIR: First in Many Categories

NOIR has always imagined new ways to bridge wine and crypto-economics, starting by being the first company to accept $XOR as payment. With our newest release, we have reached a new milestone that we are excited to share.

The $NOIR token is the first phygital wine token ever created and sets new standards for collectible wine trading. Each token is tied to a bottle, so buying $NOIR tokens is the same as buying our bottles of luxury wine.

In another first, NOIR is the first dynamically priced wine to use a continuously priced XYK curve. Aside from Uniswap’s anomalous Unisocks project, which successfully illustrated the power of dynamically priced collectibles, there are almost zero examples of any products whatsoever priced using a bonding curve.

The Unisocks project
Bonding curve governing SOCKS price. Source (Uniswap Twitter)

NOIR New Moon is the first edition of phygital (physical + digital) products that will appear on, our new platform for buying, selling, and redeeming $NOIR. When we talk about phygitals, we speak of a future where every physical object is digitally connected to the internet and the blockchain.

Wine Investing and the Luxury NFT Market

There has always been a link between luxury goods, such as high-end wines, and investing. Historically, wine investing has been reserved for the elite, with returns outpacing art, bonds, and other alternative investment classes. Ever deflationary, wine investments have historically offered returns that are not correlated with traditional market cycles.

The recent rise of the NFT movement, as well as the future Metaverse, have created new value propositions in this space.

Morgan Stanley was recently quoted in Business Insider saying, “Luxury-branded non-fungible tokens could become a $56 billion market by 2030 and could see “dramatically” increased demand thanks to the metaverse.

This newly emerging marketplace already includes fashion brands such as Gucci and Balenciaga, but in the coming years, this will foreseeably expand to other tradable luxury markets such as fine wine, supercars, and real estate.

An NFT house, named ‘Mars House,’ a digital artwork by Krista Kim, has sold for more than $500,000

Combining wine purchasing with an NFT also creates verifiable on-chain proof of its authenticity and ownership. The French publication Sud Ouest, based in Bordeaux, published a shocking estimate that 20 percent of the wine sold on the international market is fraudulent. NFT proof-of-ownership will become a standard in verifying the authenticity of not only collectible wines, but all luxury goods.

Ancient Winemaking for the Future Economy

NOIR New Moon is made using the time-honored Méthode Traditionnelle champagne-making technique. Méthode Traditionnelle is a labor-intensive process, whereby wine undergoes a secondary fermentation inside the bottle, creating the bubbles that we all love. All champagnes and most luxury sparkling wines are made using this technique.

Sparkling wine while it undergoes its secondary fermentation in the bottle

This rigorous process was executed by our master winemaker, Blair Fox, who was awarded the Andre Tchelistcheff Winemaker of the Year Award at the San Francisco International Wine Competition, the largest wine competition in the world. His ultra-boutique wines routinely receive 90+ point reviews. Fox is dedicated to producing small lot, handcrafted bottlings of exceptional quality Rhone varietal wines from the most premium vineyards in Santa Barbara County.

The 100% Grenache grapes for NOIR New Moon’s brut style sparkling rosé were picked from his organically grown, hand-farmed estate vineyard at low sugars with a low pH and beautiful natural acidity in 2019. The grapes were destemmed, crushed, pressed, and settled before being racked into neutral French oak barrels for fermentation and aging. Finished with a final dosage under the New Moon. The end result is a luxurious, creamy mousse texture with notes of toasted brioche, ripe strawberry, and apricot jam.

Drink the Moon

The Moon is an important symbol for NOIR. We incorporate several biodynamic techniques into our process and harvest under the Full Moon. The gravitational force of the Full Moon pulls water and nutrients from the soil into the vines and creates the juiciest grapes to hand-pick.

Night harvest under the Full Moon

The New Moon is when the Sun and Moon are aligned, with the Sun and Earth on opposite sides of the Moon. New Moons represent new beginnings and are a prime time for manifestation and intention-setting. New Moons in astrology mark the start of a new lunar cycle.

We crafted the final dosage under the New Moon. Dosage is the last step before final corking. This is the addition of a small quantity of ‘liqueur de dosage’ to the wine, which determines the style of sparkling wine. In the case of NOIR New Moon, we are considered a Brut, which is a dry style under 12 grams of sugar per 750 ml.

On a related note, an interesting theory has emerged on how the lunar cycle pertains to trading. New and Full Moons are often pivot points towards bearish or bullish momentum, with New Moons often corresponding to local market tops and Full Moons often corresponding to local market bottoms. Wen moon?

$NOIR Tokenomics

$NOIR’s token supply truly represents the rare and collectible, as there will only be 777 NOIR tokens/bottles ever produced. As stated earlier, $NOIR follows an XYK, continuous pricing curve. Meaning, every NOIR token sold increases the cost of the next, however, they can also be sold back into the liquidity pool at any time, thus creating a marketplace for $NOIR.

You will be able to buy, sell, or redeem the wine through $NOIR will also be fully tradable on at launch. Those who are interested in getting exposure to $NOIR, but don’t necessarily want to buy a full $NOIR token can purchase fractional amounts via Polkaswap. However, you need at least 1 full $NOIR token in your account to redeem.

1 $NOIR token entitles you to 1 of 777 limited-edition, hand-numbered bottles, shipped to you (or your wine broker) anywhere in the world, where it is legal to ship wine. $NOIR is deflationary. When a $NOIR holder wants to redeem their token for a physical bottle, the token is burned, thus reducing the total number of $NOIR in circulation.

In addition to claiming their physical asset, NOIR token redeemers are eligible to receive several exclusive benefits:

  • Redeemers automatically become NOIR Club members, which entitles them to discounts on NOIR products and VIP access to NOIR events.
  • Redeemers also receive an NFT per bottle, limited to NOIR redeemers only. This NFT is your VIP pass IRL and creates verifiable on-chain proof of your bottle’s authenticity and ownership.

Initial $NOIR Offering (INO)

In anticipation of the $NOIR token launch, beginning on December 18th, under the Full Moon, we will conduct an Initial $NOIR Offering, or INO.

  • Every NOIR token is tied to 1 of 777 hand-numbered bottles of NOIR’s New Moon Sparkling Rosé — the first edition of $NOIR, and the world’s first dynamically-priced wine.
  • There will be a total supply of 777 NOIR tokens, of which, 77 $NOIR tokens will be made available for the Initial NOIR Offering.
  • All accounts will also receive a limited edition NOIR NFT, which will only be available to INO participants.
  • The maximum allocation per account for the INO is 1000 XSTUSD, priced at 250 XSTUSD/NOIR (four tokens/four bottles).

Please note: Do not send more than 1000 XSTUSD. If you send more, it will still be regarded as 1000 XSTUSD. No refunds will be issued. The INO will close at 77 $NOIR tokens (77 bottles).

We will announce on our official channels when the INO closes.

Update: The INO is now closed. Thank you for participating and stay tuned for launch updates🥂

The INO has closed on

IMPORTANT: $NOIR token has not been released yet. Do not fall for fakes! We will make an announcement when the $NOIR token is released and the site is fully launched. Join our official Telegram chat, we plan to announce it there early in the New Year.

Subsequently, many exciting and unexpected future editions of NOIR will be released later in 2022. We are thrilled to plant the flag and set the foundation as the first brand in collaboration with SORA to forge a new business model for luxury wine.

For any additional information, please join the NOIR Telegram and follow us on Twitter and Instagram.

For press or other inquires, please contact us at

Thank you and cheers to an amazing New Year! 🥂




Sparkling wines of the future 🥂 $NOIR is the first tokenized beverage on the blockchain 🍾 Biodynamic and organic 🍇 #DrinktheMoon