Dark Side of Social Media #RTA902
Nicole Peters

I agree with your advice to keep ourselves healthy and sane from social media. Personally, I have tried everything you said and it is a great temporary help. However, I find myself obsessing over checking the last updates of my Instagram and Facebook news feeds every now and then.

It is essential to give kids the information on how to do so but also be there for them and intervene when necessary.

Also, I couldn’t agree more with you on the statement above. I think it is crucial for parents to educate their kids from a young age about the advantages and disadvantages that comes with being an active user of social media platforms. Yet, if it is in your heart (everyone’s heart) to aid the younger generations, I believe it is not only the “parents duty” to inform kids, I think it is also our responsibility as current active users of these platforms to inform them and make them aware of the potential hazards that we have personally stumbled on.

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