The New and Improving Technology Of Robotic Surgery

Mercy Medical Center is now offering an option for orthopedics and joint replacement with an advanced and minimally invasive surgery for knee replacements using robotic technology. The Chief of Orthopedics is Dr. Marc Hungerford. He stated this option relieves pain from the degeneration of joints due to osteoarthritis. The MAKOplasty system provides a personalized surgical experience for patients customized for their anatomy and diagnosis.

The procedure starts with a CT scan of the individuals knee joint. This enables the generation of a 3D virtual model. This is uploaded onto the software for the MAKOplasty system to create a personalized pre-operative plan. Accuracy is improved with robotic technology enabling adjustments to be made by the surgeon for soft tissue and muscular alignment. This provides the patients with better outcomes.

Joint replacement surgery has been transformed by this advanced technology. The surgeons are able to better position the joint replacement for their patients during surgery. This provides the patients with a longer lasting and better joint in addition to a quicker recovery after surgery. Patients have a natural range of motion due to the state of the art implant. The surgeon guides the MAKOplasty robotic-arm to remove diseased cartilage and bone prior to inserting the knee replacement. The surgeon also guides the robotic-arm to make any necessary adjustments.

Recent research indicates by the year 2030, there will be a minimum of 3.5 million knee replacements in America. The demand for knee replacements is expected to rise even faster than hip replacements. Mercy Medical Center has been named as the Best National Hospital in Orthopedics by both World Report and U.S. News. The orthopedic surgeons have received training to use the MAKOplasty system. They are capable of performing surgery for both partial and total knee replacements. The team also offers knee preservation, hip replacement and numerous options for sports and orthopedic medicine.