Doordarshan Throwback 80–90’S Ads


Let’s rejoice those old days of Television, when only a single channel was rolled out Doordarshan rejoice those old days of Television, when only a single channel was rolled out Doordarshan and all wait for their shows to get started.

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The advertisements comes between the shows were as interesting as the shows; no one wants to miss the advertisements. From our favorite Magi to the Complan boy ads enjoy the advertisement here below and mesmerize your old, beautiful and joyful days.

1.) Maggi

No one is unknown to maggi then the one and today the one for everyone, Maggi every time favorites to eat and make.

Watch the advertisement of your childhood and feel alike:

2.) Dhara Refined oil

That cute boy with Jalebi is like icing on the cake, the advertisement is so liked by people at that time and you are one of them Right? So again here is your favorite ad from the time.

Watch the advertisement here below:

3.) Ajanta Clocks

It wasn’t the first clock ad, and it certainly wasn’t the last. But if you can find a way to combine cuckooing of a clock, a cute grandmother, violins and saxophones in one spot, along with an unmatched punch line, then you have got a winner. Here’s the proof.

4.) Bajaj Auto

The history of Bajaj Auto is the history of 21th century India. There is no doubt that this old Bajaj Auto ad is one of the most iconic ads India has ever seen. “Naye Bharat ki nayi taqdeer” to “Buland Bharat ki buland tasveer”, Bajaj Auto’s national campaign hit our TV screens in 1980s. Riding on the idea of a ‘family vehicle’ for Indians, Bajaj Auto immediately became the symbol for a strong India.

Watch the advertisement below:

5.) Complan

Today’s young and superstar actors with the complain ad at that time, it is really amazing to watch those little actors now with a fame and superstar aura.

Here watch the ad:

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