“Real Cosmetics for Real People” Blind protagonist in Cosmetics ad

Phoenix Media

Eyetax Dazaller, a cosmetic brand recently launched its Digital ad Film “Real Cosmetics for Real People” Conceptualized by SoCheers InfoTech. To know more about advertisement visit Phoenix Media Pvt. Ltd.

The ad starts with a beautician helping the bride in make-up for her wedding. As soon as the beautician completes her make-up the groom enters the room took the bride’s hand and gently kissed her hand.

The groom took her hand in his hand and helped her to move for the venue this is the time when audience came to know that the bride is blind because she does not look at the groom when he took her with him.

Taking the subject as disabled is not a new strategy but giving the old strategy a new makeover and feel is engaging. Till date the ad has 5 lakh views on Facebook and 10,271 views on YouTube.

Have a look at the advertisement below: