The Eastern Style of Paintings

There are different and unique styles of paintings each have their own factor. Every style of painting delineates something, here we will discuss about eastern style of painting.

Are you inclined towards painting? Or have given a thought to it ever? If not then after having look at these paintings you would definitely wish to do

  1. ) Indian Style painting
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Being India a diverse culture country it has many traditions to paint. During the reign of Mughal Empire, Indian painting tradition took a new turn. A new form of painting called Mughal painting came up.

Next major era of painting started during the Rajput Empire and is called Rajput Paintings. The artists preferred creation of miniatures, but the subjects of the paintings were diverse. Sonal Garg also has an Indian style of painting though with modern twist that gives painting a new makeover.

2.) The Chinese style painting

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The oldest artistic tradition in the world, Chinese painting, involves techniques used in Calligraphy. The artists use colored inks for painting on paper, silk etc. But, they never use oil for painting. Are you planning to have different style of paintings you can visit to Sonal Garg.

3.) Japanese Painting Style

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Japanese painting art has its own schools of thought and styles. ‘Suibokuga‘is one such school of art, where artists use only black ink for painting. The kind of paintings Japanese artists produced using only black ink would amaze any world-class artist. This school of art was result of a direct influence from Chinese art and Buddhism. Sonal Garg has her own style as well for painting with different techniques.


There are many styles of painting and every style has their own technique and magic ingredient which reflects their own culture in the paintings. Every style is made with their own culture so that if improvements also take place it still reflects that old essence in the paintings.