What people think of advertising?

Leave people let’s say what do you think about advertising? I know whenever you hear about advertising two things strikes your mind First the promotion of brand and Second is Exaggerated words, right or wrong?

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Okay!! Let’s move on many think that advertising is waste of time and as well as of money, because no one pays attention to them.

This is not correct let’s take your example only when you are sitting and chilling what you do see your surroundings with your earphones tucked in and observe, when you observe the surroundings you pay attention to the words that are the advertisements that are hooked up which at times help you and make you aware about such brands and increases your General Knowledge or can say awareness.

Advertising not just only promote the brand it also work for the general people many times when you are stuck in a situation and think whom to contact with at that time those words you read while chilling or just sitting and passing your time helps you in the situation and you get to know the right place to move or contact.

“I hope that misconception about advertising would not be there after reading this but it does not mean to trust any agency it is like trust after doing somewhat research about the agency, Trust the right one.”

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