The global economy is inescapably moving toward a digital eco system.Investing money to money transfer,everything is paperless now.The newest and promising trend of digital payment is Crypto currency.


A cryptocurrency is a medium of exchange like normal currencies.Over the last couple of years ,crypto is acting like a magnet,attracting many people to it’s side. Some of the reasons why crypto being the most intrested currency to invest are:

  1. Fraud proof: the currency is decentralized which means you own it, neither governmentnor any bank have control over it. you can invest or take out the money yourself at any time.

2.Easy to access: one of the reasons are it is really easy to use. you just need a smartphone,internet connection and you can access superfast.

*HOW INDIA WAS IMPACTED BY CRYPTO?*A year ago,the Indian government decided to take harsh action against black money funds which was earned on black markets.Citizens of India were tensed about their savings and ended up investing in crypto. Not all the people invested but the ones who invested earlier,invested.Like this, India was impacted by the cryptocurrency.

Though cryptocurrency is still struggling for its formal platform, bitcoin have been rejected by SEC one after another as they think it is a manipulation of people.

One of it’s popular altcoin is patron


Long time ago,influencers were the only people who was famous by some sort of institutions or raised up by any community.But, today using SNS(social networking services),anyone can be famous using mobile phones and intracting with people.These days there are many options to be famous like instagram,blogging,or any platform.Patron is based on influencers,sponsors and fans.

Influencers: Influencers are those who influence others. They effect the behaviours of their followers through instagram,facebook andyoutube. Influencers are often sponsered by companies to promote their brand.

Sponsors: Sponsors are those who sponsor influencers to promote their product. It helps them in marketing of their product.Fans/followers: fans or followers are those who follow the influencers and are influenced by them.


PATRON creates a platform which connects influencers,sponsors and fans together. it works on ICO and helps local influencers to work internationally without any language barrier. With the help of patron, sponsors can spread informaton quickly to both its key demographic and related crowds with minimal research and help sponsors promotes their brands effectively and fast.Sponsors can even chat with influencers without the intruption of any third person. Patron is a one stop shop for social media influencer focused brands and influencers themselves.Through patron, people from all over the world can connect to each other through their mobile phones.Influencers and SNS users from all over the world can publish,discover,reserve or sell influencer data on patron’s trust on both web and mobile phones.The only barrier is language barrier and patron is working hard for removing this barrier. Instead of being dominative, its aim is to return back the power to the people for introduction of decentralized model.


Patron token can be used in these ways:

  • by sponsors to engage with influencers and utilize their network.It acts like a medium of exchange between influencer and sponsor.
  • by fans to promote the content of the influencers through likes which in turn raise influencer’s ratings and their marketability.
  • by influencers to reward fans for contests,promotions and events.


patron can be easily attained via other cryptocurrencies or via FIAT payment. New patron users don’t have to put their credit card information or anything,normally users need to fill up all the necessary information.



Patron rewards starting december 15. A release celebration event offers you a 20% bonus


Founder CEO : Atsushi Hisatsumi

CSO : Jared Polites

CCO : Yusuke Motoki and TeruhitoShiraishi

Project Manager : Jorge Rodriguez

Community Director : Admir Baba

CEO : Kosuke Takada

Sales general Manager : Hideki Kimura

Customer support Manager : Hajime Koyama

Cheif Technical Adviser : David A. Cohen

Founding Adviser : Tony Perkins


Patron is a platform where influencers are categorised on the basis of rating,reviews and their fields so that it is easier for sponsors and fans for a specific field. Though digital marketing is a new trend and safe to use , it helps influencers, sponsors to grow more. Though many platforms give opportunity like instagram,youtube but patron is giving opportunity on a digital base.


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