The global economy is inescapably moving toward a digital eco system.Investing money to money transfer,everything is paperless now.The newest and promising trend of digital payment is Crypto currency.


A cryptocurrency is a medium of exchange like normal currencies that uses secure financial transactions and verify transfer of assets. It works with a control of blockchain,that serves as a public financial transaction database. Over the last couple of years,crypto is acting like a magnet,attracting many people to it’s side. some of the reasons why crypto being the most intrested currency to invest are:

  1. Fraud proof: the currency is decentralized which means you own it, neither government nor any bank have control over it. you can invest or take out the money yourself at any time.

2. Easy to access: one of the reasons are it is really easy to use. you just need a smartphone, internet connection and you can access superfast.

Many people are not adopting crypto currency due to many reasons i.e. security issue,difficult to use, non reliable exchanges, etc.


Greatness does not have to come at the cost of complexity.It is a unique service that allows people to convert currencies without wasting their time with registration and multi-step process .it all happens in one pageX in just few clicks.what are the most important thing in crypto??obviously, the exchanges. one pageX is the simplest exchange in crypto is basically a conversion tool which helps in exchanges. It is easiest,fast and simple to use. it offers you over 140 cryptocurrencies to exchange. it supports multiple cryptocurrencies conversions from all one pageX and it does not require any registration.


One pagex is offering 0% transaction fees till 2018.after 2018, onepageX charges 0.5% with a small network fee on all transactions.


  • No sign-up.
  • Largest selection of currencies!
  • Simple interface.
  • OneBox Widget Integration

How to use ONE PAGEX

So you need to follow some steps to be successful in exchange

Step 1: pick the two asserts to convert You need to pick any two assets you wish to convert.

Step2: you need to enter a withdrawal address and then click to “start exchnage” and this will start exchanging.

Step 3: deposit and then you are done with the exchange.


Some more information There are some more information and resources which may help you further

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