It’s really difficult to make a choice when it comes to “love” isn’t it? Or, is it just the opposite? I’ve talked to people about “love” of their life. And I concluded that they always say, it’s “easy” to fall in love. They say they haven’t “fallen” but they’re “rising” in love. I guess this is what they might feel. But here’s something you should be knowing.

When you fall in love with someone you need know that you’ll be falling in love with them everyday. Every morning. And over and over again. Everyday, every moment you spend with them doing anything like grocery shopping or just having a brunch in a cheap cafe or making yourself dinner these all should be adding to the reasons why you love them. All the arguments, all the fights, all the rantings, every serious discussion should be worth considering that when you’re fighting with each other it’s not meant to win but to make the other person understand and to make both strong as a whole.

Others opinion on your relationship shouldn’t matter you unless your life is in jeopardy. That is when people think you’re being abused emotionally, mentally or physically.

But also make a note that person’s background matters a lot. Like if someone comes from a broken family where they’ve only seen fights and broken humans they’ll be clingy because they crave real love. But please don’t judge them, this isn’t their fault you see.

While some might come from a very abusive and aggressive family and they’re seen abusing their partner at times or they’re just harsh on them and their feelings because they think this is how you love.

But also, keep in mind these things and situations shouldn’t be an excuse to treat someone with aggression or for being clingy.

You smile at them, a lot. Because you notice them very carefully and in a certain way. You notice their smiles and you smile back. You give them space, you don’t ask for their passwords or pins you just trust them and know that somewhere someone needs their own identity.

And always remember the way they treat their parents, the way they speak to them on phone but also consider how their parents treat them.

Notice how they treat people around them, how they treat a waiter or a cab driver or just another person walking down the street. All these things says a lot about them.

It’s not difficult but also it isn’t easy.

-Drishti joshi

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