The distance in miles is as same as the distance in years, you’re 17 and they’re 18 because it’s “falling in love” and not love. You can love a song, an outfit, a particular colour but falling in love has no strings of time or miles and distance attached to it. And you know why is that? Because falling in love isn’t visible to our naked eyes but is all around us, in the air we breathe. Falling in love doesn’t stop with the mistakes they’ve made because we all make mistakes, don’t we? Falling in love is when you don’t care how cakey their makeup is because you’re just too busy to look underneath. Falling in love is not allowing the difference in opinions and different tastes break you but you make a way about adventurously. Falling in love, is a long process, to encounter their anxiety and deal with it, to go through the stratigraphy of their feelings and ignoring the cracks. Falling in love is finding those missing pieces of your life which you alone can’t fulfil. Falling in love is to seek for that person with whom you can seek the ignored chapters of life and who fits like the jigsaw puzzle and complete the frame of life. People spend a decade and more to find that “one true love” but they haven’t realised that finding that isn’t like any other thing, like the matching cloth you need to make your blouse, it isn’t easy and it isn’t something you’ll find in some shop. It has its own time. But in the end, it really doesn’t matter if there are millions miles or decades of years because at the end you’re looking up at the same stars.

-Drishti Joshi

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