Software Quality Assurance to augment technological capabilities.

Quality in software products can only be delivered when there is quality in the software engineering process. Software quality process is a set of activities that ensures quality during the engineering process and ultimately resulting in quality for the end software product.

Several leading Technology Assurance providers have global expertise across all facets of Software Development Life Cycle. They are key players in the field of Quality Assurance Testing Services.

What is it?
Quality assurance software testing includes activities that ensure the implementation of various procedures, processes and standards of developed software in context to verification. Many times software quality assurance process is interchanged with software quality control. Where Quality assurance is concerned with implementation, software quality control includes activities that ensure verifications of developed software.

Activities involved

Software Quality Assurance encompasses the entire software development process. It can be divided into the following three activities:

● Process definition and implementation

● Auditing

● Training


There are various processes in quality assurance software testing. The major ones are:

● Software development methodology

● Software design

● Software testing services

● Configuration management

● Project Management

● Estimation

● Requirements/ Development Management, among others

Software quality assurance is the evaluation of software based on certain attributes. It is the extensive study of both internal and external features of any software. There are two approaches to it:

Defect Management Approach
This is a good approach to when we are looking from a defect point of view. This covers everything from completely incorrect software to wrong coding, improper data handling, etc. Anything that is not in line with a client’s requirement is considered a defect.

Quality Attributes Approach
This approach takes into account six quality characteristics of any software. It is broadly divided into functionality, reliability, usability, efficiency, maintainability, and portability.

Who to Approach for Quality Assurance Software Testing
The key differentiator for software assurance service providers should be the fact that be the domain specialists. Their complete understanding of products, channels, workflow, business processes should ensure that the end product is absolutely in alignment with the client’s requirements of software quality assurance.

These service providers should understand that the need of the hour is more than just automation and agile capabilities. This is why they should be constantly advancing their in-house tools and frameworks to augment technological capabilities to ensure the best Quality Assurance Software Testing.