Make Way For The Alpha Teens

Drishti Soni
Jun 15, 2016 · 6 min read

In every coming of age movie/book, we find ourselves hitched along on the action-filled saga of a sole teenager, who is out to discover something, brave a fear, push potential and ever-so often embark on a journey of metamorphosis triggered by something broken.

But what if I were to tell you that we here, right now, can present to you, the very first chapter of a coming-of-age story, with a group of 20 students. This plot line however, is not led by a travesty; rather by a burning desire to create something worthwhile and to begin at that as early as possible.

Introducing to you, the Alpha Team of Classfever.

Classfever happens to be not only a surging start-up founded by teen Akshay Agrawal but also the world’s only open-sourced review-driven big data school ranking platform. Now that’s a lot to taken in, but what makes it even more remarkable is that it began when Akshay was just 16.

To help propagate the outreach as well as intent of the startup, an Alpha team was conceived. Here’s a couple of wise words from each of the tenacious yet slightly-clueless teenagers.

Why Classfever?

Gurpreet Dhir

I joined classfever for Akshay who is a really close friend to me but I stayed because I love the unique concept of this entire venture, which is also an important one. I think with sheer hard work of the amazing people that we have in the team we can take it to a whole new level. All of us have a vision for this startup and I’m staying because I wanna be there when we succeed. If I weren’t at Classfever, I’d be a regular Interior Designing student. But with classfever I get to make a difference.

Pranav Landge

One of the main reasons I am working for Classfever is because it is simply something unique, something different. It is exciting to know that you are going to help something be built from the start. It’s like raising a kid. Just much less annoying. When I try to design things and try to get people’s attention I want to make sure that it is something a student would actually have a look at. To sum it up I am really looking forward on going big. The people are great, the energy and enthusiasm is overwhelming, this is going to be one hell of a ride to glory.

Aditi Kamdar

I’ve always wanted to be a part of something different and creative. I got lucky when Akshay, asked me to be a part of his team. Being a part of Classfever will give me a good experience teaching me how to deal with a startup plan. Currently, I’m loving this and my team and look forward to come up with something brilliant. Classfever definitely holds a bright future with members like me. Being a teen definitely gives us an upper hand as we are young, restless and full of energy! Cheers to us!

Anirudh Garg

I joined this programme to work upon my soft skills . Like public dealing , time management and team work. I hope working here in the alpha team heads me towards my goal and I am able to improve myself upon all these things. Also I hope I am able to make new friends and maintain my friendship in the future.

Abhinav Srivastava

Textbooks are the most useful medium of knowledge — Really? ! In this competitive world where everyone is rushing to achieve great something different, at the END of the DAY all we care is how to build strong and amazing CV! I believe that rather than winning or losing, it is more important to participate in everything ! CLASS FEVER is one such amazing idea, which is beneficial to society and also addition to my list of achievements! CLASSFEVER is not only something which will add to my profile but will provide me with great and amazing exposure to the different business aspects- practically and also strengthen various skills! We all as TEAM have to do something historic and make our venture a great success financially and socially!

On Managing Studies Alongside…

Kushal Shah

Well i dont study much, just score enough to get me through and which is always on the last day so out the 365days we have i would just take out few of them for my exams and the remaining days is what i will be giving to classfever!

Nayonika Patankar

I’ve recently been introduced to the concept of a Bullet Journal and I’m eager to try it out. In study breaks, I look up the Classfever posts and see if any new task is present. With a little help from Akshay, I found a few things I thought I could contribute to and I took some time out to research. Always remember: the more precise and unforgiving your schedule is, the more stress you will endure and you will come out feeling absolutely useless, if not more. — give yourself room for error while you find your rhythm! (MBBS taught me that)

Prateesh RK

I always prepare for my exams at the last moment and yet have successfully secured 95% and above in all exams till date. And therefore managing ClassFever along with studies isn’t a big deal. Moreover even if my grades drop, I won’t be sad because I spent the study time for doing something productive and did what I liked to do.

This is Right Up Our Alley!

Vaibhav Pundir

Hailing from Delhi I am totally prepared for this opportunity. It’s about working with photoshop, excel sheets and your brain all at once. Its challenging and I would like it no other way. If Akshay pays me well I will start working full time. Just kidding. It may be challenging to manage work and studies together but the thought of the experience that I will have when it’s all said and done makes me move forward.

Karam Arora

Being a teen gives us an upper hand because being a high school related educational start up, we are at the age of our target audience hence know what teens find cool. So we appeal to them such that they drool over the concept of classfever. Besides, being in direct contact with them helps us get a better approach and more honest feedbacks.

There are various other members such as Bhoomika Virmani, Sharan Sawhney, Parth Gala, Avneesh Dubey, Mohammed Burk, Tanay Nayak, Sakshi Panwar and Sagar Thapar, who are working just as devotedly!

As far as the founder Akshay Agrawal is concerned, he will always have an endless amount of wisdom to impart. But let’s focus on this team for now.

While Classfever may be a startup guided solely by teenagers, we are bursting with zeal, purpose and creativity that we hope will make this venture a successful one.

And if you are wondering why I know so much, I am Drishti Soni, the designated writer and part of the Alpha Team. I joined not only because Akshay is a good friend, but also because there is a dire need of a set up like this. And who turns down the chance to love what they do while they can make a difference?

The Alpha Team has already begun to reap great results, and continues to prepare for greater accomplishments. Do follow us, as we nurture this start up into a full fledged enterprise!

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