Writes: M.Sc. Driton Demiri

Why are you worried sir?

It happened !

The history instantly repeated!

The time has come for us to ask for something in return;

We have given you a good hand. We have opened a path that you would never see without our permission. 100% tariff tax on import of goods. The decision is not so political! Agree! And here's the end! No different!

A political measure with economic consequences? Agreed! If it were otherwise the right would be par excellence on your side. Although the principle of reciprocity as well as the fair competition in freight trade agreements clearly emerges from you. Even at first, by not allowing the free movement of goods and the politically motivated bureaucratic barriers to our export. It is a drastic violation of CEFTA norms.


In the second, block of many years of using the 400kV transmission line of electricity. A project that serves not only for us, but also for you and the whole Western Balkans, and elsewhere. Financial losses according to /Konfindustria / failing to implement this project are tens of millions of euros a year for us.

Therefore, it is 100% the right decision. Be it even politically! Although it will not take long. It is known!

No one has ever capitulated to war, let alone peace. Saw it! There is no what!

Now is 100% state or not? Tell us!

It is a true that the free market economy do not want barriers, want a deal, so it is and it should be, but there is another truth, that the export of goods with a numeral of over half a billion euros, exactly with forecasts over 600 million euros for the previous year and with the permanent commercial surplus milk and honey, and no any conditions are accepted and fulfilled in bilateral economic relations, and this also has no sense.

It does not hold!

But perhaps there is also a third truth where the protectionist economic measures take place everywhere. The coolest case US versus Chinese goods also referring to China’s dishonesty in the market. China replies where, in addition to the custom tariffs on goods in general, it does not import soy and other cereal products from the US but from the countries of southern America. So, there must be a solution to any unhappy economic situation. If you have money, the goods you will find somewhere.

The market is culture and law except that it is competition; in the last we are limping and nobody blame us, not even you. In this direction we have never been weaker than it is now. This has to be accepted! Without production strategies, without export stimulation and with a very low level of competitiveness in the regional and international market.Thus, imports are costly, subduing, increasing the risks, causing resentment and, in the end, being a bad substitute for motherland products. The relative or absolute advantages as well as the comparative advantages of different products have mutual benefits in the trading exchange, and the use of all resources efficiently brings prosperity and goodness.

In diplomacy still weaker! Do not say nothing! And again blame is ours, no one else.

As far as it is concerned, whether the trade restriction that currently has a negative impact on the economy on both sides should be abolished is a matter of talking and communication. The process of normalizing relationships must continue. Certainly! It's an urgent need! Not even in Brussels, but in Pristina and Belgrade. Solomon's decision is required on both sides! Do not then, to say a small rain blasted our eyes!
At one point we are more agree; The commodity has a cost, does not light up and burn, is simply unparalleled stupidity.

Greet your horizon, there!