Bishops" & Chameleons, once upon a time!

Writes: M.Sc. Driton Demiri
October-November-December, 2018;
The scabies had fallen! Was a bad smell! The earth did not carry anymore, pieces of sh.t...remains everywhere and animal corpses that swarming on the canals stretching along the streets. If the night was coming, could appeared a ghost (phantom)! And that was all! It all started from here.

Very bad! A reality we faced every day;
I swear, I confess to you word for words:
Never fiercer, more cruel than at that time. No way ever did not see my eyes such an evil. It was not possible! The horror of humanity in times of civilization! It was misery! Swallowed a seven-headed dragon, like the forest fruits to eat, in itself non-stop repeat it, I searched for it! I do not know; occasionally a horrible babble spread to me, were beginning to eat each other. Fears! The world was coming and narrowed, so much so that, dragon I thought and looked for it as an existing reality.
What else to look for?!
What was that job; beating of chest for work which are a necessity, all day consuming chicken wings and thighs with politics, without any healthy words along the end of the day. Then with panties with full of peas, in a hurry also went to the mosque. Afterwards after midnight some of them will find also drinking brandy. Unprecedented Hypocrisy of Time! They freaked if I asked why so?! I knew it! With the most total apology. It did not go that way! It did not! Or one or the other. Duties were required made as is should be. Thus the Bishops were doing nothing except played the devil’s play.
Frankly, I did not understand what was happening with them?! From error to error! From fraud to fraud! From irresponsibility to irresponsibility! From pleasure to pleasure! From nepotism to nepotism! What muddle was that? In that inflationary state without any conscience as much as they lied, the more their lies were believed.
While chameleons with ten flags for micro interests were able to launch their mother and father in the market and so on.
Worse than that did not!
Remained naked, like wet chickens, without nest, raised water on air for nothing. Well as time after time raised one banner-flag and another time other colorful colors! The corners of the premises transformed into a laziness and sleep, like the wasps that make the nests in the corner of the door with the railing.
For what? What was all this cracking noise?
To have grain: with power; with the municipality, the government, the parties, the school, the university, the media, with (no) justice. Oh do not! How "beautiful" whispered! If we did not know. No other conclusion than taking care of the above-mentioned proximity without breaking the excessive parasitic comfort.
It just was!
And for those who, with their sweat, could hardly take some bread at home?! Nothing! Not at all! How the elephant worries about the ants as well as they for them! For the road and the lane?! For waste, garbage’s and remains? For urban and cross urban chaos? For water? For the water, for water, I said. Again we did not hear any voices! Sometimes it was talked burstly about, sometimes confusing for NATO / EU integration, flights, and adherence, and to say the right thing it was not a bad job, our efforts to capture Western values ​​were more evident than long ago, but did not knew that for NATO and the EU as much as we would have to get so much we should have to give. That the strap had to be plugged so well, so good for a look of a great job. NATO and the EU were not bullying. It was a systematic prospect and challenge! Especially the EU. By the time the NATO was as close as it was so far, as long as the EU was still far away, from that time we could expect the period between years 2035-2040.
And, all surrounded us confusion. Believe, we were to the point of scrapes!
In addition, while the bishops and chameleons thought that the world was around them, pollution continued to increase disease, money was not created, prices reached the ceiling, almost the stratosphere, perhaps in a state of economic turmoil with market oscillations, the taxation progressive was stimulated by large, unemployment though stagnating in some form but not diminishing, the school continued to be politicized and partying, the administration also still had employees who received salaries without going to work, the private resembled a ping pong table, the gray economy innocently still breathed, health was neither in heaven nor on earth, culture was a "z n" sui generis meanwhile sport as it always limped with a great. Half of the population had migrated abroad, most of them younger, the standard of living was up to that level, instead of its full-bodied coffee, as it should have been, as in slavery, it was consumed was chestnut juice; so we said in the language of the people. The tea began to be consumed without lemon, perhaps the price for kilogram / lemon grabbed the numeral over two euros and tulumba was eaten within opportunities. So the social risk was growing!
Investment, as they wanted to call "capital", was, not that was not had, tread and go, splash and spatter in infrastructure, as well as the need it wanted, which in fact were still utterly political. "Beauties" therefore, did not even hang their ear to be determined to give answer for the difficult and painful condition and situation. Laundered through the clouds! Drifted into the dens of pleasures! And so it was about every day that I might have anticipated that it always has to be.
Imagine, what did that land hold?! Wander and thievish. Munches! Nothing more. I was wondering if were given me the chance to get one by one and one for one to wallop cursedly. In this truth in one whole; at least did not repent for what they grind in the mind.
Well, what did they think, so ever so?
I’m clear, right?
LA, October-November-December, year 2058