Writes: M.Sc. Driton Demiri

Fiscal amnesty in theoretical perspective implies a possibility of forgiveness of previous outstanding liability to tax a certain group of taxpayers whether taxpayers,individuals,legal entities or citizens in the social sphere. Including unpaid taxes and fees, interest on arrears, penalties and others debts as well as the removal of criminal prosecution for the same, this “government move”easily, thus taking shape, the total debt forgiveness of society.

Fiscal amnesty helps economy. A “Tax Shield” genuine and helps citizens and private businessmen. In our case, especially the Albanians and their businesses. In this period (of time) capital crisis many so called “capital intact” or “sleepy capital” are released. In this regard, society in general has multiple benefits. First private sector through increased liquidity of the investment capital increase. The public sector, ie government through taxes on future benefits more in increasing the collection of revenues. Able-bodied citizens are given more opportunity to be employed in the private sector, public sector pre vented from loads. While citizens in the margin of income, particularly social sphere facilitated by the outstanding debt concerns…etc.

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