Announcing Our First Rideshare Partnership with Lyft

Companies to Deploy Pilot Program in Bay Area

At, we’re building the brain of the self-driving vehicle for business fleets. Our goal is to enable businesses to have autonomous fleets that provide new experiences for their consumers.’s vision has always been to use our technology to power this new era, and make cars that are safe, trustworthy, and even fun.

We are excited to announce our first ridesharing partnership today. We will be piloting with Lyft, starting in the Bay Area. This collaboration combines’s deep learning-based self-driving solution with Lyft’s extensive ridesharing network, furthering both companies’ commitment to the development of safe, intelligent autonomous vehicles. Lyft’s values and goal of connecting people through transportation and bringing communities together resonated with our company’s core mission.

This pilot, which will deploy in the Bay Area soon, will provide valuable insight on how self-driving vehicles can be used effectively, and will help Lyft optimize the passenger experience. will use this pilot to expand our technical capabilities and develop our roadmap for broader commercialization. All rides will have a trained safety driver in the vehicle, and of course, we will work together with Lyft to ensure that any pilot we deploy is done in line with all regulatory obligations.

Our strategy for passenger pickups in urban driving environments is based on these three pillars:

  • Safety. Safety is core to our mission. We aim to extend our technology to safely power millions of daily rides in this market, and to initiate change by tackling one of the biggest segments of transportation.
  • Quality Customer Experiences. With our unique human-robot interfaces inside and outside the vehicle, we hope to delight passengers with high-quality, enjoyable rides.
  • Scale. Our technology can handle a wide range of driving conditions that are notoriously difficult for self-driving vehicles, including various road environments, lighting conditions and inclement weather. We are looking to continuously improve the scale at which we operate, and are expanding our capabilities to support various cities in the Bay Area. uses a deep learning-first approach to develop scalable and adaptable self-driving technology. To bring this technology to market, we are developing retrofit kits that allow businesses to cost-efficiently transform traditional vehicles into self-driving models. With our recent $50M fundraising round we plan to actively grow our partnerships. This will be the first of several pilot partnerships that will be announcing.

Be driven.

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