5 Urbanite Trends — You Must Try!

Apr 13, 2018 · 4 min read

We all know that San Francisco is world-famous for disruptive technology, cool gadgets, funky new trends, and other similar Silicon Valley stuff. Be it good or bad, we certainly have a reputation for wanting to try all kinds of things! And — let’s be real here — we’re all guilty of hopping on the latest trend (at least once in a while). As quickly as they come and grow, we can only imagine where these tech trends will take us in the future. Car subscriptions, like the one we offer from Canvas, and virtual reality are some of the trends to make this list. We came up with 5 cool Bay Area trends that are happening right now. Which of these will you try out?

Dockless scooters.

These are a blast! Two companies, Bird and Limebike, have released dockless scooters you can find scattered throughout the city of San Francisco and in the surrounding Bay Area. They are accessible via mobile app (and — surprisingly — are pretty affordable). Limebike starts at a buck per half hour with options to prepay at discounted rates. Bird scooters can be found in San Francisco and are also available in Southern California, featured in major cities like L.A. and San Diego. These handy contraptions can make catching your bus, or getting to your smartly parked car, a breeze. Also, don’t forget to wear a helmet when you’re flying down the road on one of these things. They definitely go faster than you’d expect!

Smart Glasses (and no- not the Snapchat ones)

Remember when your “smart glasses” were the frames your crush told you made you look sophisticated? Well now, your smart glasses will make you look rich! Well — maybe. These are a pricy trend but one to watch as companies like Daqri and Microsoft market their technology to an increasingly growing number of industries. Microsoft’s HoloLens, and Daqri’s Smart Glasses are being pitched to industries such as, manufacturing, maintenance, and construction. The glasses allow for thermal imaging, a 44° field of view, and will cost you a cool $5000! A price potentially worth forking over given the features. This technology seems less for the everyday consumer and more for the builders and visionaries of tomorrow!

VR — Gaming & Smell-O-Vision?

2018 will be a big year for Virtual Reality headsets. This nifty technology — more commonly used for, and popularized within, the gaming world — inspired smart glasses, and will make a big debut this year. Education, travel, automotive, and marketing are just a few of the industries utilizing VR in a big way this year. Consumers can anticipate clever marketing campaigns, from the automotive industry for example, which incorporate VR as well as an increase in startups working to cash-in on the technology in new ways.

A Japanese startup recently began working with Facebook’s Oculus on a VR headset plugin which would emit smells resulting from certain user actions. For example, say you’re playing a video game, slicing your virtual sword through a watermelon, your headset would emit a fruity watermelon smell! You can score a VR headset for under $100 or spend a pretty penny for more bells and whistles. As the technology develops and companies learn more about mainstream ways to create VR technology as useful, we’ll see a wide range of uses and adaptations for virtual reality.

Car subscriptions: Meet, Canvas.

Innovative tech uses are already stirring up the automotive industry, with better marketing and conveniences delivered more easily. Will test drives be given an additional layer option through VR? Will shopping and purchasing your next vehicle be done completely online? It’s hard to know exactly how certain industries will evolve given new technology combined with changing consumer needs. One trend we are seeing grow quickly in popularity is car subscription services. A car subscription, like ours at Canvas, is a clever life hack allowing you to get a car with bundled benefits like insurance and roadside assistance, without saddling you to a hard-to-break commitment. Rather than marry your car, you can simply date it.

We offer a lower barrier to car access option, an online inventory for you to select from, and delivery! A significant majority of Canvas customers find it important we offer an all-online sign up, check out, and the ability to schedule a car’s delivery, right to their door! We think convenience is important and allows for a better flow during our day-to-days, that’s why we created Canvas.

Grocery bots are on their way!

Grocery subscriptions and delivery companies are not that new, but what is new is the proposed concept of delivery robots! That’s right. Until very recently, when legislation put the brakes on rogue bots delivering goods across town, these robots were set to pace towards being the next big thing in autonomous machine delivery of consumer goods. They are still making headway only now they are sent back a bit into the experimental stages. Companies like, Dispatch, Marble, and Starship will have to perfect their research and arguments before the city lets them operate without an attendant close-by, at least for now.

To be clear, you can still have your groceries delivered by a roaming robot, there will just be a person monitoring nearby with an emergency “uh-oh” joystick in hand. This trend will be an interesting one to follow, we’ll have our cars from Canvas and road trip rations delivered within hours of each other for optimal convenience please!

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