I think it is safe to say that Clarkson, Hammond and May have plenty of experience when it comes to cars. I think they have a car show or something? I think it is also safe to say that they have quite an exceptional car history. So if we had the possibility of taking five of their cars, which ones would you choose? Here’s my list.

Hammond’s Opel Kadett (Oliver)

“Go big or go home,” they say. So why not start with one of Hammond’s most prized possessions. Now I am sure no amount of money would ever come between Hammond and his trusty Oliver, but if I could take it off his hands I would. Of course, I would do everything in my power to look after it just how he wanted.

The story behind this car draws me to it. Not its performance or looks, just the fact that the little car that shouldn’t, did. It accompanied Hammond on Top Gear challenges, was driven by Hammond’s daughter when she was learning, and has become a legend in its own right. Oh Oliver I would love to take you for a drive!

Jeremy Clarkson’s Ford GT

I realise he doesn’t own this car anymore, but I’d still take it! Despite its countless faults which in the end led Clarkson to sell it, I would love to take it. How can you say no to the car which revived Ford’s racing heritage? And with the latest GT being an ‘Ecoboost V6’, I think I am even more inclined to take the fuel hungry and power spitting V8 before it returns to the Earth.

While it might see the garage more than the open road, when it does, it sounds the business!

James May’s Rolls Royce Corniche

James May actually sold his Rolls because of a rather specific problem. He was allergic to the leather in the interior. He owned it for ten years from 2007 and eventually posted to DriveTribe that it was being put up for auction with only 10,000 miles on it. Let us face it, you wouldn’t drive a car that made you itch that much, either.

The real reason I want it? In James’ possession, it never failed an MOT. It didn’t even have an advisory. Now wouldn’t that be nice!

James May’s 458 Speciale

Everyone needs a track toy do not they? Well this would be mine. James May bought it right when the ‘fracas’ occurred, and was left to worry about how he’d pay the car off without a job. Thankfully as we know, The Grand Tour soon materialised.

Being the last naturally aspirated mid-engined Ferrari before the turbo-whizz 488 took over, it holds a well-earned part of my heart. Although I must admit, when I first saw one in person, I hated it. The air intakes at the front looked like they’d just mismatched the bonnet, and it didn’t quite have the curves of the F430. Then I heard its engine and all was forgiven.

Being the last example of the 458 Speciale ever made, I think I might just need it in my garage.

Richard Hammond’s Jaguar E-Type

There are few cars in the world that I truly believe are beautiful. The Jaguar E-Type is one of them. But I’d take Hammond’s less for the fact that I actually wanted the car, but more because I know James wants it, too. And wouldn’t it be great for James May to want a car you own? Although, I am sure he wants it simply for the fact that Hammond doesn’t want him to have it. So really it is a waste of time.

I still want it, though.

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